Windows95Man gets upgraded to the future with Valokuitunen’s “Freedom Fiber Connection”.

Valokuitunen promise is “Freedom Fiber”.

In Finland, Tampon for men aims to reduce gender dysphoria

So, here comes this news from Finland:

13 Days & 4 Months - Janne has never skated before

BOOM! The senior beginner on Dits concrete does not land! BOOM!

Lotto - "There's nothing quite like Lotto" / Kiosk, Car, Holiday (Finland)

These Lotto ads depict what we in Sweden call a "golden edge on everyday life" (guldkant på vardagen).

Kauppayhtiö, Pure Pizza - "When in Rome " - Finland

When in Rome, do as the romans.

Obolon energy drink is now imported to Finland - print launch campaign

Finland and its people are extremely sympathetic to the people of Ukraine as they too have experience with Russian invasion, land-loss, and the consta - Happy Smiles (2023) OOH (Finland)

Convenience without the trouble of ownership.

Augment - You but faster - Your scooter. Your rules. (2023) print ad (Finland)

Anyway, back to the scooters - this isn't just a campaign in Finland, this is a movement across Europe - and the campaign is seen in Austria, Fin

LIWLIG completes a major milestone in its Nordic expansion by acquiring Danish event agency Welcome A/S

Helsinki, Finland (January 19th, 2023) The Nordics’ largest event agency group LIWLIG completes a major milestone in its Nordic expansion by acquiring

Finnish Foppa launches new financial products to help companies through the “Marketing Valley of Death”

Equity rounds help companies grow, but if sufficient funds are not invested in marketing, companies too often get stuck in the “Marketing Valley of De

Innocence en danger - the airdrop gate / Dick Pics

Innocence en danger - the airdrop gate

SPEAK OUT to end one of the world’s most violent traditions - print, Finland 2022

Over 3 million girls are in danger of being subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM).

Goose droppings in beer brewing – this Finnish city takes sustainability communications to the next level

This summer Finns can drink beer brewed with wild herbs, food waste and even goose poop.

Helsinki’s deserted stores transform into OOH for small businesses as a gift from Telia phone carrier

Small businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic and, as a result, a great number of brick-and-mortar stores globally have been left deserted.

Burger King Finland turns McDonald's locations into their own takeaway restaurants

The Burger wars are raging in the Nordics, as currently in Finland, Burger King Finland has placed outdoor ads outside its competitor's restauran

Veikkaus, "Land of the Rising Hammer" print (2020)

An ad from the Finnish National Sports Betting Company

Tikkurila Paint brand launches the Endangered Colors collection in an environmentally friendly package (Finland)

Tikkurila’s new Endangered Colors collection consists of nine different colours, each representing an endangered animal species – such as giant panda,

Finnish youth magazine ads dramatize social media’s influence on children’s self-image

A campaign made by TBWA\Helsinki features images of young people looking in the mirror and seeing things they think should be improved in their own ap

Epica launches PR Grand Prix

The decision reflects the growing number of PR-related entries to the competition.
KETUTUS — A story of being seriously pissed off

Helsinki region transport - The walking capital of the world photographed by Will Burrard-Lucas (2018)

Wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas photographed pedestrians in the Helsinki region. Helsinki regional transport wants to encourage everyone i

APETIT - body painting - Tuorekset (2018) :30 (Finland)

Apetit – Aina voi syödä hyvin

FlyGTA created some air sickness bags you'll want to keep

Toronto, Canada.

Arla "International Cheese Anthem" (2017) 1:17 (Finland)

Arla’s, the largest dairy producer in Scandinavia, has got an obscene cheese anthem. What is that, you ask?

ELISA ”Stay Connected” (2017) 2:22 (Finland)

Get a bucketful of free travel cards. And a bucket, too.

Sol Beer "Ilahu Boards" (2016) 5;25 (Finland)

Bob Isherwood "kidnapped" in Cannes 2016

‘Can trolling be a force for good in advertising?’ is a seminar due to be held later today at the Forum in Cannes, to draw attention to it Bob Isherwo

HSL "Sensitive to touch" (2016) 30 (Finland)

Helsinki Region Transport has some sexy new card readers

Koskenkorva "The great wall" (2016) 1:22 (Finland)


Arla: The cheese that keeps you going forward

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Helsinki Region transport want you to go west!


Ad agency 358: So cold we ski to the Monday morning meetings in Helsinki

Having seen the hot summer BBQ chops and chilled beer commercial for Australia day and the Meat and Livestock Association, ad agency 358in Helsinki, F
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Arla drops some massive cheese in Helsinki

Ikea "Preparty" (2015) :40 (Finland)

HRT "Hidden Powers of Arto" (2015) 1:00 (Finland)

HRT "Hidden Powers of Anneli " (2015) 1:00 (Finland)

HSL "Track to the future" (2015) 2:00 (Finland)

Arla Cheese is Humongo

Arla "Monumental Gouda" (2015) :15 (Finland)

Arla "Mammoth Cheddar"(2015) :20 (Finland)

Arla "Colossal Creamy Cheese" (2015) :20 (Finland)

Arla "Taste explosion" (2015) :10 (Finland)

Heineken "Teemu Keisteri" (2015) 3:15 (Finland)

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Sol Beer: Searching for Local Heroes

Sol Beer "Street Gastro" (2015) 3:00 (Finland)

Sol Beer "Outi Pyy" (2015) 2:30 (Finland)

Sol Beer "Pinguino" (2015) 3:00 (Finland)

Sol Beer "Tebian" (2015) 3:15 (Finland)

Sokos Hotels "Couple" (2015) :25 (Finland)

Sokos hotels "Family" (2015) :25 (Finland)

Helsinki Region transport wants us to start biking

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Huawei "Twitterliiga" (2015) 1:40 (Finland)

Design agency 358, Finland, appoints a new Managing Director Therese Cedercreutz

Finnish marketing, advertising and design agency 358 appoints a new Managing Director with a background in software development and gaming.

Celebrate Christmas the Finnish way: With a ham.

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Agency 358 revamps Finnish beer brand Lapin Kulta

My favorite Finns at Agency 358 just revamped Lapin Kulta, a lager that now looks, at least to me, a lot more premium than it used to.

Stockmann "The letter" (2014) 1:00 (Finland)

DNA "Kiteboarding" (2014) 1:40 (Finland)


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