Hamburg Railways - Airport Mural - poster, Germany

Teaser on the walls at the airport the baggage belt created by Simon+Matthias (cw & ad) Düsseldorf to announce the new train. Translation: "From December your direct connection to the city."

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Audi Side Assist - Blind Spot - posters, Germany

This poster via Philipp und Keuntje, Hamburg was displayed close to Audi dealerships throughout Germany to vividly demonstrate the dangers of blind spots. As a result, the dealerships recorded a noticably higher demand : +35% for the Audi Side Assist.

Beate Uhse AG - Directions - ambient, Germany

How do you get attention and show directions to a Beate Uhse AG, who sells adult entertainment in the form of sex toys, lingerie, clothing and pornography - while avoiding showing nipples in public?

The answer is obvious, isn't it? Signs like these showed drivers whether they should make a left or a right!

Creatives at Cayenne
Andreas Ruthemann, Marco Obermann : Creative Director


Museum of Natural History Stuttgart - Ostrich, Tapir, Duckbill - print, Germany

Moral of the ad: if this is how you think it worked, you should get some facts at a museum.


Wonderbra - Shattered poster glass - print, Germany

Wonderbra, via Publicis Frankfurt, would like to inform us that with the wonderbra you do not only get a nice lift but also a rock hard chest that can shatter glass. I didn't know this was something to strive for, but I guess glass-shatteringly strong boobs could come in handy if you're a cat burglar or something. Maybe use them for self defense? "You looking at my cleavage? Huh? That THAT! *bang! boom" pow!*" Yeah, that could work.
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Save the Kinder Egg - Überraschungs Ei Simpsons campaign - print, Germany

When Lukas Lidemann Rosinski, Germany, made this campaign their only goal was to draw attention to the special promo with the Kinder surprise egg & the Simpsons. But now the Kinder Egg itself is threatened by a ban, so I hope they're working on a "save the kinder egg" campaign.

Nasty surprise for children as Germans plan Kinder egg ban

The children's committee of the German parliament, which is responsible for introducing legislation, fears children might mistake the toys contained in the eggs for food and swallow them. Critics have also said that mixing toys and food is not helpful when trying to teach children the value of good nutrition.
The same committee meeting proposed a law requiring the paper in school books to be lighter to reduce the health risk of heavy schoolbags.

Miradent oral - Dental floss - print, Germany

Click on the image to see the whole file - here's another double page spread that uses the gutter creativly, from Philipp und Keuntje GmbH, Hamburg.

Published/Released: 06/2008
Short rationale: This was an unusual idea for a print ad for Miradent, a manufacturer of dental products. The idea was to remind readers that Miradent dental floss can fit into the narrowest gaps, which we achieved by creating a double-page advert with minimal graphics and with a white book mark. Readers instantly recognised that the image showed two teeth with a piece of dental floss in between.


Google Video - Street buzz / See through sign -

Google Video - Street buzz / See through sign -

An inventive guerilla marketing campaign conducted by Google Video Germany in the German capital of Berlin. The search terms in the window read what was seen through the window, for example at the Brandeburg Gates it read "crowd of tourists".

hitler vs chaplin

Hut Weber Hats - Hitler vs Chaplin "It's the hat"

The clothing really does make the man, even if they have strange taste in facial hair.


Dunkelziffer - Haunting creep - (2008) :30 (Germany)

Dunkelziffer - Haunting creep - (2008) :30 (Germany)

This disturbing depiction of trauma will haunt you for the rest of the day, quite apt since Red Rabbit Hamburg wants you to realize that the consequences and stigma of sexual abuse stay with you until the grave. Nicely directed by The Vikings.