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TOWORKFOR - "Will Smith?" (2022) :60 (Portugal)

When you can’t afford global celebrities to boost the awareness of your brand, you have to take risks.

Amorim Cork Flooring - Walk On Amazing (2021) 2:44 (Portugal)

Portuguese cork flooring company Amorim Cork Flooring releases the brand new ‘Mars’ design and invited former astronaut Scott Kelly to what has to be

TOWORKFOR - "Tom Cruise?" (2022) :60 (Portugal)

When you can't afford big celebrities to boost the awareness of your brand, you have to take risks.

TOWORKFOR - "Wesley SNIPES?" (2022) :60 (Portugal)

In order to draw attention to the launch of its new workwear collection, the brand challenged the agency Stream and Tough Guy to create a communicati

EDP Solar Energy - The Square Head / John (2021) :60 (Portugal)

Her husband is so square. Square Square. Square. But she loves him anyway. And hang on, maybe he isn't all that square.

Samsung Galaxy S10: A 943 km Photograph, the world's largest panorama, case study (2020)

I love this idea almost as much as I love Portugal.

Vagabond Production expands with Portugal Office

Vagabond Production Services further expands their global reach with the launch of its Portugal office.
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Vodafone: "Grandfather" (2016) 2:00 (Portugal)

PAHC "Radio Sound Therapy" (2015) 2:00 (Portugal)

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Millennium BCP "#howoldareyou?" (2013) 1:35 (Portugal)

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EDP - (2011) :60 (Portugal)

NEW YORK - The artists and producers from international production company and design studio Brand New School (BNS) are very proud to present their re

Liga Sagres - Get on the field (2009)

WaterAid Cannes Lions 2010 contest - Clean Water - (2010) 0:33 (Portugal)

If you enjoyed our video, please go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTDE5EkI1iA and vote. You just need to press Like it.
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Amnesty Internationl - "Dog's Life" - (2009) :33" (PORTUGAL)

MTV - Octabong

This press campaign created by Leo Burnett Lisbon promotes Skins, a controversial teenage show that follows a group of young teenagers throughout thei
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Partners Portugal - Brand Tailors - Self promotion, Portugal

Male nipple alert!
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Quercus - Animals - (2008) :65 (Portugal)

Dexter - Bloody guerilla stunt / Murder in Lisbon case study, Portugal

Welcome to Torke

Amnesty - All against each other - print, Portugal

Fox "Lost" - Supply Drop Guerrilla by Torke

Portugal Red Cross - Tornado - print

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Torke Stunt creates ambient campaign for Prision Break in Portugal

In order to launch the TV series Prison Break on the Portuguese FOX Channel, a multi-phased advertising campaign was performed in Lisbon by Torke Stun

IAC Portugal - Alzheimer (2006) 1:25 (Portugal)


Pleasure and Pain for Sensodyne


The Flags: Meet the world.

Russel Davies: Interview with a planner

Russel Davies (we like him) is Head of Planning at W+K London since 2001.

Ikea - dog autumn - (2003) 0:20 (Portugal)

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