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ROM Chocolate bar - We miss you Romanians / easter message (2020) Suflete tari. Românești

The Rom Autentic chocolate bar, famous for being wrapped in the colors of the national flag and its punchy, patriotic campaigns, has changed the brand

Sanofi MagneVie Stress Resist - Drama out of nothing campaign makes things extra dramatic with a real soprano

Increase your stress resistance with MagneVie Stress Resist.

Romania creates the world's first AI ambassador.

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Provident "Happy Calls" (2016) 2:33 (Romania)

Romanian creatives make an accept ring for Pride

On May 23rd 2016, the Coalition for Family gathered 3 million signatures to change the way “family” is defined in the Romanian Constitution.

Fundatia Renasterea - BRAVE CUT (2016) 2:15 (Romania)

Radio 21 "GO MONO" (2016) 1:53 (Romania)

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Vodafone "Transhumapp" (2016) 1:18 (Romania)

KFC "Wifi Test" (2016) :50 (Romania)

Dacia just rewrote the owner's manual

Renault "Environment day" (2015) 2:20 (Romania)

KFC "Fakation" (2015) :30 (Romania)

Getting tickets to UNTOLD is easy. Just pay with blood.

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McCann Romania wants your enemies.

ACR Google Street View Driving Test (2015)

Doncafé "Snooze for Coffee" (2014) 1:30 (Romania)

KFC Romania launches its first mobile campaign

Romanian Traffic Police : Sobriety Pissing test

In Bucharest the majority of drunk drivers are men.

Magic Fm Radio - Dialogues - Mosquito-repellant radio.

Gusto - Feed your optimism / Headless - (2010) :30

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Magielle - Too Sexy - print, Romania

121 Drunk driving - Drunk Girls - (2009) :30 (Romania)

Arkopharma - Silhouette - poster, Romania

"Lose weight naturally."

Academica Medical Center - Prescription/Scan - print, Romania

Raid - Moth , Mosquito, Cockroach - print, Romania


Greenpeace - Squirrel - print, Romania

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Greenpeace - Tsunami - poster, Romania

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Fairy - "One drop" spiral - press ad, Romania


SCALA JWT Romania teaches us how to sell an ad

Hmmmm...Judging by this SCALA JWT's clients are a bunch of masochists.

Transavia - Fly birdie! - (2006) :30 (Romania)


Puma Ads still making headlines

This article in Slate talks about the allegedly fake puma ads also covers the cease and desist orders and the Nokia ads, and yet doesn't mention

Our reply to the PUMA cease and desist over the sexy Puma ads

Like any other site who posted the false adverts for sneaker company we'd rather not name again - we received a c&d order too.

PUMA AG Statement regarding unauthorized "bad taste advertisement"

PUMA AG Statement regarding unauthorized "bad taste advertisement" (posted here February 25):

flirt, squirt and sex sells?

... OR does it? Is this a case of dupliclaims - or are these just wet dreams of creatives?

Genie in a lamp

A guy was walking along the beach in Malibu when he came across this salt-encrusted piece of metal. He worked for an hour or so to remove the salt.
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