Faber Castell - Munch's "The scream" & Van Gogh’s "Terrace Cafe at Night" recreated

Here's somethig that's a lot more complicated than the rather nifty framed Crayola monogram in @adland's image feed - Faber Castell created "the scream" in cut bits of colorful Faber Castell's.


Kirin Mini Beer - BeerBro-quet - A Valentine's bouqet of beer.

Marcus from Y&R emailed me the perfect Valentine's bouquet, one filled with Kirin Mini Beer - the only thing ruining this for me is that he only sent me pictures. What the hell Marcus, I would love a beer-boquet, why torture me like this? That's it, we are so through, Mistah. If you need me, I'll be roaming romantic restaurants sticking false engament rings in all the ladies drinks tonight. Just sharing the love, sharing the love.

It's the perfect gift for the man (or men) in your life—husband, boyfriend, lover or a random handsome stranger—this Valentine's Day.

Painful Waxing
Fighting couple
Crying babies

Bose QuietComfort - Crying / Quarreling / Waxing - print, Singapore

It's Mime day today, someone at EURO RSCG is probably kicking themselves for not emailing this to us earlier right now. Bad timing, being posted right after this one. hehe.


The Nikon S60 - Faces / Flat / Forest / Haunted Hotel - print Singapore

Photographing with Nikons new facial recognition camera can be fun, you'll find so many faces hiding in the windows... forest... or ghost hotel. See the lingerie-clad girls frolicking in bed? Yeah, see all the peeping Toms? Tag The Nikon S60. Detects up to 12 faces.


Alfa Romeo - Fetus - print, Singapore.

Ad agency Sparkfury in Singapore reckon Alfa Romoes drivers are born that way. ;)


Maglite - Aliens / Sunglasses - print, Singapore

Ogilvy&Mather Singapore reckon Maglite flashlights are so powerful you can send it straight to the moon. Or Mars. Or wherever the little green men live.


Olay - Peter Pan - print, Singapore

Peter pan knows what the secret to staying young is.... Created by Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore
Link to Larger file.


Milk Photographie / Milk Photography - Freshly Squeezed , print Singapore

Olivier Henry (the Photographer) and Alvin Lim (the Creative Director) went all bizarre-gory for their self-promo. They didn't just shoot this, shot 'em dead. ;)


P&G Oil of Olay - Clock - print, Singapore

Larger image here
(it stops time, geddit? Hence the clock. See?)


Unicef - Donation Well - ambient, Singapore

"At first glance it may look like a regular donation container.. Except there's water in it. Designed to look like a cross section of a well, the water level rises with each coin added to the donations. At the top of the well is a boy trying to reach the water."

Link to larger image