South Africa

William & Kate

Cape Times - Self portraits / William & Kate / Tutu / Churchill - (2012) print SA

Lowe Cape Town photoshop famous images with an arm, making it a selfportrait a la Instagram.. then sign off with:

You can't get any closer to the news.
The Cape Times. Know all about it.

A shallow way to say "in depth". Nice.


Playboy SA - Crack addiction / Silicon Valley / Deforestation - (print) South Africa

These puntastic juxtapositions are supposed to remind people that they can actually read Playboy for the articles. If they're not blind.

All who get the joke raise a hand. Not that hand. Ew.


PPC Cement - Brick - print, South Africa

You can do (almost) anything with cement, and to bring this point home, the Jupiter Drawing room made a cement Lego block to remind you that your imagination is the limit.


Nando's - Last Dictator standing

Nando's - Last Dictator standing

Nandos, is there anything you won't mock? Of COURSE not, in this ad Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe is the last lonely dictator as the rest of the words despots have falled. He misses them, they used to have so much fun, being bloodthirsty tyrants together.


Michael Mayer Voice Artist - Iceberg / Nature - print

Daaang, these are nice. So nice you can hang them on the wall and pretend they're pretentious art prints, but they're showing soundwaves. Just the kind of thing my Ex-CD used to call "too celebral". That's why he's an ex, by the way. This is lovely.

Artic Fox
Artic Hare
Polar Bear

Greenpeace - White Roofs / White is the new green - (South Africa)

Greenpeace are reaching out to South African citizens with some advice about global warming:

White is the new green
Simply painting your roof white reflects the sun’s rays, which helps cool down the environment. in the fight against global warming, one degree cooler in our cities equates to three degrees cooler at the poles. Which means a better chance of survival for animals like the Arctic Fox, whose home is melting at a rapid rate.


Stimorol - School Desk / Longer lasting

We've not run out of ways to say "longer lasting flavor" ...yet.


Cadbury's - “The Tumbles machine” - 2010 - South Africa

Cadbury's - “The Tumbles machine” - 2010 - South Africa

The spot opens with four young men at the start of a Rube Goldberg-type machine as one of the team sets a Tumble down to start the machine in motion. We follow the progress of the Tumble through the machine as it travels through various interesting stages.


Apartheid Museum - Chief Albert Luthuli - (2010) :45


Wimpy - Family / Funky Town - (2010) :45

Wimpy - Family / Funky Town - (2010) :45

Aaaah, the Jupiter Drawing room has figured out what a family of six can do with all those free wimpy-glasses they get with the many Valuelicious Meals they must have consumed. Deck out in horrific home-made 80's glamrock gear and play Funky Town. But of course.