Philips Topomatic Vacuum Cleaner - Husband and Wife (1969) :60 (Sweden)

The husband doesn't quite believe his wife when she explains that the old vacuum could not be repaired, so she had to buy a new one.

Philips - The model and her products (1969) (Sweden)

Philips 1969

Bliw Tvål - Byt till Bliw / Switch to Bliv soap (1969) 2:40 (Sweden)

Soaps can get dirty, see how the family Andersson switches to Bliw soap instead. The practical plastic bubble contains liquid soap.

Du Pont - Spray Paint / Sprayfärg (1969) (Sweden)

Du Pont sprayfärg 1969

o.b. tampons - Why don't women treat themselves? (1969) (Sweden)

Few things are as prejudiced against as tampons.

Delial - suntan lotion & bikini (1969). (Sweden)

Not a word is spoken in this ad, just a demo on how to apply lotion.

Vips diskmedel - Why use vips? (1969) :30 (Sweden)

"Why use Vips when doing dishes? Because it's 50% cheaper than any other brand."

Columbia Kaffe - Husband's bad morning temper (1969) 3:00 (Sweden)

My husband has a terrible morning temper. You can't speak to him before he gets his coffee. He just mumbles, grunts, and whines.

Festis - Drick Fest-is all gånger / Drink Festis all the time (1969) no dialogue (Sweden)

This odd little animation is strangely captivating, as a square character runs back and fourth.

Asea Scandia - Vitvaror / Hushållsapparater / Replace your old oven (1969) 3:00 (Sweden)

This ad is a three-minute-long sales pitch for replacing all your old things in your kitchen, to save time and make cooking more comfortable.

Wasabröd crispbread - Intruder? (1968) 1:55 (Sweden)

Knorr - Buljong & Nyponsoppa (1968) 2:30 (Sweden)

Fazer Hjortonlikör - Clouberry liquor praline (1968) (Sweden)

Would you like something sweet with your coffee? How about a chocolate praline with cloudberry liquor inside?

HSB / tenants' savings and building association - Save for your own home (1968) (Sweden)

Funky animation! HSB is a cooperative housing movement in Sweden.

Blåpigan tvättmopp - Spilled milk (1968) :30 (Sweden)

Don't be sad! Bli inte ledsen för det!

Liljeholmens ljus - Light a candle / Gille & Kupé (1968) 2:44 (Sweden)

"Here are some scenes from a film that Liljeholmens recently recorded. It is about 25 minutes long.

Ultra White toothpaste - Robban Broberg / Personal Pitch (1968) :30 (Sweden)

Robban Broberg was a Swedish singer, composer, and artist - and a quite funny one at that.

Polyvitagen - Growing kids need vitamins (1968) :30 (Sweden)

And look at that great Viking ship package design! How fun!

Johnson - Floor cleaning products (1968) 1:40 (Sweden)

Toro Fisksoppa - Fish soup (1967) :30 (Sweden)

Bravo golvspray - Cleaning spray (1967) :30 (Sweden)

Gardisette - Curtain shopping (1967) :30 (Sweden)

Casco Snabb Radar / Insect spray - A whole summer without insects (1967) printad (Sweden)

Radar i båten - Radar i tältet ... (och i sommarstugan, husvagnen och på resan förstås). Det är bästa sommarförsäkringen på irriterande insekter.

Albyl information film (1967) 5 minutes (Sweden)

Gladpack - new plastic wrap (1967) :30 (Sweden)

Nordiska Kompaniet - Vårens möbeltrender / Spring interior decoration styles (1967) 2:25 (Sweden)

Continuing on where the fashion show left off, we take the escalator up to the furniture department to find all the new interior decorating trends of

Dav tvål - Dove face wash (1967) 1:22 (Sweden)

Vips Diskmedel - Dishwashing liquid / "Good dish help" (1967) 1:55 (Sweden)

"Bra Diskhjälp"

Terylene - It's about Terylene (1966) 10:15 (Sweden)

Allduk - Cleaning Wipes (1966) 2:00 (Sweden)

The kids are messy, but that's okay as the super blond house-frau has "Allduk", which works both wet and dry.

Pepsodent Tandkräm - Family toothpaste with fluoride (1966) (Sweden)

Did you know that one in a thousand children in Sweden has teeth issues?

Grace Bouquette - Styrka, Smidighet, Grace / Strength, Agility, Grace (1965) 4:50 (Sweden)

Strength, Agility, Grace

Pommac - Jul / Christmas (1963) print ad

Fastfotad i jultraditionen

Pommac - Modern och självständig - print ad 1962

Visst Katten, 'Apotekarnes' vatten" subway posters 1960

Cute ad from days before

Toy - Alice Babs - Ta Toy bli frisk i munnen / Sweden Norway border (1956) 2:30 (Sweden)

The fascinating thing about this ad is that Alice Babs sings and speaks in both Norwegian and Swedish.

Bris Soap - Bibi Andersson & Ingmar Bergman "Prinsessan och svinaherden" (1953) :90 (Sweden)

Some sites will erroneously call this Bibi Andersson's screen debut. They are wrong.

Marabou - Aladdin / from factory to you (1939) :60 (Sweden)

Promotional film for Marabou's Aladdin chocolate box with production shots from the factory floor.

Gevalia - Affären / the mix up (1938) 1:30 (Sweden)

Gevalia – Affären(1938) Reklamfilm för Gevalia kaffe


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