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Director Paul Hairston Signs with Sanctuary Content

Sanctuary Content continues to grow its roster with the signing of filmmaker Paul Hairston.

Brawny - Tear a Square song (2019) :90 (USA)

Georgia-Pacific's Brawny is the first brand to deliver tearable squares, and to promote their “Tear-a-Square” product, they made this funny new m

Sephora - They / Ze / Xe - We Belong to Something Beautiful (2019) 1:40 (USA)

Sephora explains that this is their “Identify as We” campaign, which celebrates the transgender and non-binary community and "our long history in

Runaway Train gets an update to help find #MissingKids

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Salon is for sale. For only $5 million.

The digital media company's sale price is just 5 million USD.
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Wendy's "basic Mike" (2019) :30 (USA)

Poor basic Mike. He's about to get dumped for a Wendy's Made To Crave chicken sandwich.

Award-Winning Creative Company The-Artery Opens Vibrant NYC Offices, Expands Collaborative Capabilities

In a move that reflects a significant expansion of its capabilities and talent, multi-award-winning creative company The-Artery has opened the doors t

TRANSFORMERS / CALVIN JOHNSON | Director Shaun Collings / Big Block

Calvin Johnson posted this ESPN spot for "Transformers" on instagram last Friday.

John Kilshaw joins Framestore as Senior VFX Supervisor and Creative Director for Television

Framestore is pleased to announce the appointment of experienced visual effects supervisor and creative director John Kilshaw.
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Dr. Giorgini "#Nowadays" 1:55 (Italy)

Fun campaign from Deloitte Digital for Dr. Giorgini, an Italian natural remedy brand that also has a sly commentary on today's times.

Iliza Shlesinger improvs life's little wins, and celebrates with Peet's Iced Espresso drinks

Peet’s Coffee worked with Portland, OR-based agency North to create a series of films that explore the daily trials and tribulations that fuel the com

Tom MacDonald - Whiteboy - "Straight White Male" (2019) 3:42 music video (USA)

Tom MacDonald just released the single "straight white male" and here's the video that goes with it.
First Shave

Gillette - First shave, for transgender son (2019) .30 (USA)

"Whenever, wherever, however it happens – your first shave is special."

M3 presents "The ultimate secrets revealed" in a special Creative Directors session at Promax LA 2019

What are the secrets to getting brand work from networks?

2020 KIA Classic - Jaye Marie Green, practice at dawn (2019) :30 (USA)

25-year-old ​Jaye Marie Green​, a pro-golfer with four career Top-10 finishes under her belt, i​s the star of a beautiful new spot from KIA that is a

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office and his Youth Council to End Gun Violence created anti-gun campaign selling active shooter insurance

On bus shelters and social media sites, an advertising campaign will begin rolling out to promote a new type of insurance: one that protects against d

Cracker Barrel made a juicy fried chicken pool float

Movita Juice Bar - Zombie (2019) :30 (USA)

This campaign is the brainchild of the SVP Creative Director of Production at Orci, Allen Perez, who serves as the LA-based juice bar’s creative consu

Mazda "Drive Inspired" (2019) 1:05 (USA)

14 Hands Unveils New Canned Wine Line by Spoofing Iconic Beer Ads

Rather than fighting against beer, Seattle-based creative agency Copacino+Fujikado is pulling up a cheeky stool to the bar with its “Grab a Wineski” d

Paws2U - Expecting Unconditional Love United States - OOH USA

In our modern times the traditional family may look a little different. And peoples idea of what a family is, has also changed.

Pixel 3 Night Sight – Behind the Scenes - (2019) :50 (USA)

Behind the scenes and see how Pixel 3’s Night Sight feature stands out in low lighting compared to Phone X.

Verizon - First to Real Time (2019) :60 (USA)

From cross-cultural creative agency "the community" comes this advert that underscores our fixation with speed – and how Verizon has gone be

"Thanks for the grit" billboard reveals an advertising mensch

What is this curious billboard? Thanks for the grit? The kind that you can eat? No, that's grits.

Chips Ahoy celebrates Mother's Day with a drag queen

Nike - "Dream With Us" ad released on Mother's day promotes gender equality, but they don't sponsor athlete's on maternity leave

Just as the Nike "dream with us" ad, promoting gender equality, is released Olympic runner Alysia Montaño slaps back in a New York Times opi

Ask your doctor if AVENGISIL is right for you

Every so often an ad parody that mimics the ad category perfectly comes along to make us laugh.

Wieden+Kennedy and Droga5 New York Each Win Eight Gold Pencils On Second Night of The One Show

W+K named 2019 Agency of the Year, “Dream Crazy” for Nike wins Best of Show and three Best of Disciplines on the night.

Visit the Salvador Dalí museum, and Dalí himself will take a selfie with you

If you are looking for a reason to visit Florida, here's one: Goodby Silverstein & Partners have brought Salvador Dalí back to life in the Da

Opportunity Village and R&R Partners unveil statewide PSA campaign

Opportunity Village and R&R Partners teamed up over the past year to create short-form and long-form awareness pieces on adults with disabilities

SAG-AFTRA Members Ratify 2019 Commercials Contracts

embers of SAG-AFTRA today overwhelmingly voted to ratify the 2019 SAG-AFTRA Commercials Contract and the 2019 SAG-AFTRA Audio Commercials Contract.

Burger King #FeelYourWay (2019) 1:48 (USA)

Burger King trolls McDonald's in partnership with Mental Health America to bring awareness to Mental Health Awareness Month.

Coffee By Design says coffee shops advertising CBD are violating their trademark.

Is CBD coffee from Coffee By Design or is it coffee with CBD?
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Nokona Baseball Glove - Lucky 21’s Andrew Ryan Shepherd Directs “It Breaks You In” (Directors cut)

Lucky 21’s Andrew Ryan Shepherd presents the cinematic look at a young man’s life shaped and changed over time, like his Nokona baseball glove.

Canon IVY CLIQ & CLIQ+ Shprinck the World - Shprinck your mother (2019) :30 (USA)

It sounds quite cheeky to sing "Shprinck your mother" to the tune of Allan Sherman's song "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah"...

Cut+Run’s Pete Koob Edits Adventures Of The Unexpected In Conoco Campaign

Conoco fuels the drive for adventure and the joyfully unexpected in their latest campaign, edited by Cut+Run’s Pete Koob for the Carmichael Lynch ag

Magnaflow - The Sound of Passion / Mario Andretti (2019) 4:00 (USA)

Mario Andretti was drawn to racing by the sound.
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HUMIRA - Missing / “Remission Is Possible” - (2019) :60 (USA)

A dad mises out on life because of Chron's

YWCA - Don’t get bought off (Laisse-toi pas acheter) (2019) case study (Canada)

This is a case study of an Instagram campaign that was aimed at preventing sexual exploitation recruitment amongst young women on Instagram.

Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation "Step Forward" (2019) 1:10 (USA)

The Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation is looking for a few good people from all walks of life to join their ranks. More than a few good people, in fact.

the GEICO gecko gets ready for Avengers: Endgame (2019) :30 (USA)

In the newest GEICO and Avengers crossover, the second to be directed by Tom Routson of Framestore Pictures, we find the Gecko walking down a busy str

The One Club for Creativity Announces Full Schedule for Creative Week 2019 in New York

The One Club for Creativity, the world’s foremost nonprofit organization celebrating global excellence advertising and design, has unveiled the full s

Laundry Partners with JWT Atlanta on “Moments of Impact” Digital Series for Marine Corps

Laundry Partners With J.Walter Thompson Atlanta On Powerful “Moments of Impact” Digital Series For Marine Corps Recruiting Command Design-driven an

Coke Posters tease with tasty images saying "Try not to hear this"

Relying on synesthesia and the decades of coke ads with the distinctive fizzing and bottle opening sounds that we have all grown up with, Coke teases

Adobe Test: What creative type are you? #Mycreativetype

Adobe has a site to test what creative type you are, and it's not like your regular old personality tests. For one thing, it looks amazing.

Many Seeds Of Change Bring Awareness To Bonton Farms

Dallas’ Advertising Industry Comes Together To Support Local Community Organization: Bonton Farms Bonton Farms is redefining community in its neigh

Ancestry.com apologizes and deletes ad after critics say it romanticized slavery

Ancestry.com apologized Thursday for a controversial advertisement published to its YouTube channel earlier this month.

gnet Wins Agency of the Year for 2nd Year Running at PromaxGAMES Awards 2019

Hollywood-based creative agency gnet took home top honors for the second year in a row at yesterday’s PromaxGAMES Awards, winning “Agency of the Year”

Falls City Brewing Co. - CanMan and the Journey Home (2019) :30 (USA)

Introducing CanMan, who has finally made the journey home to Falls City Brewing Co.
Dream Bigger | 2019 Mazda3 Hatchback | Mazda USA

Mazda3 Hatchback - Dream Bigger / Dreams (2019) :60 (USA)

The 2019 Mazda3 Hatchback story wants you to #FeelAlive and other #uplifting hashtags as you Dream Bigger. Will it work?

Black & Abroad aims to displace hate with “Go Back To Africa”

Black & Abroad, a multi-platform travel & lifestyle company dedicated to redefining world experiences for the modern Black traveler, hijacks t

Actor Lamorne Morris gets behind the desk as helpful BMO banker BMO launches a new face in its evolution of the BMO Effect

BMO introduces “New Girl” actor Lamorne Morris as its new spokesperson in its latest campaign created by FCB.

"Diet Madison Avenue" New York members may be unmasked soon in Ex-CPB Creative Watson's case.

Former Crispin Porter Bogusky creative executive Ralph Watson is making headway in identifying those behind the “Diet Madison Avenue” Instagram accoun

Discover Card gets a Jordan Peele makeover on Saturday Night Live.

Discover Card's very relatable customer service has a person just like you on the other end. In fact it is you.
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Design Plus : Communication Arts turns 60

To my shame, I only came across Communication Arts magazine fairly recently, when it became part of the Epica Awards jury.

Archer - The Danger Zone (2019) :30 (USA)

Set Experience Group Merges, Relaunches as Set Creative

Mercedes-Benz - Bertha Benz: The Journey That Changed Everything (2019) 4:00 (UK)

In a time when “car” was not even a word yet, and people relied on horses to pull their wagons, one woman challenged the status quo.

Director Richard Krause Joins Lucky 21

Lucky 21 is excited to welcome Richard Krause to its directing roster.

Cole & Weber Partners With The New Blank to Create "The Curious Lottery Vending Machine" for Washington's Lottery

A Washington's Lottery vending machine embarks on a journey of discovery in the new spot "The Curious Lottery Vending Machine" brought

Washington Post : Democracy Dies in Darkness (2019) 1:10 (USA)

Here be filler

Universal Pictures - Us - March 22 - (2019) :60 (USA)

After sending shockwaves across contemporary culture and setting a new standard for provocative, socially-conscious horror films with his directorial

Jim Beam - "Celebration" - (2019) :60 (USA)

When Prohibition fell, the Beam family rose to rebuild a legacy that lives on to this day.
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Marvel Studios - Avengers: ENDGAME (2019) :30 (USA)

AVENGERS: ENDGAME opens in U.S. theaters on April 26, 2019.

The Inaugural Gerety Awards Challenge Status Quo of International Creative Awards Circuit

Does the world REALLY need another awards show? NO. The world REALLY needs a new kind of awards show.

2020 Kia Telluride - Give it everything (2019) 1:40 (USA)

This ad is about a small town, full of not famous people, who prefer to be known by what they build.

SimpliSafe - "Fear Is Everywhere" (2019) :60 (USA)

Fear is everywhere. The newspaper headlines report that it's worse than it was yesterday. Your bread willl give you cancer.

Michelob ULTRA - Artificial devices have no tastebuds (2019):30 (USA)

Artificial intelligence: full of all the facts in the world, but no taste buds.


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