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Ford: "Take the Mustang Pledge" 1967

"I will not..." vs "I will"

7up "Do your own thing" (196?) :30 (U.S.A.)

I only know it was from the presumably late 1960's, judging by the fact it's in color and it's capitalizing on the psychedelic movement
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Kentucky Fried Chicken "Lie Detector" (1967) 1:00 (USA)

This ad is from 1967 and it's got a deep paranoid Manchurian Candidate or Dr Strangelove vibe about it.

Burlington - Socks / Dance / Can't fall down (1966) :30 (USA)

"With the launch of its acclaimed 1967 television commercial, Burlington pioneered the inclusion of performance features in dressy socks and made

"Think pretty... Seamprufe does" (1966) printad

"You're a woman and Seamprufe knows it"

Mustang & Post Rice Krinkles - So-Hi presents Mustang in box - (1966)

This vintage ad is an early example of cobranding, Rice Krinkles had a series of Mustangs inside their cereal box, little toy cars that came in Arcadi

Marlboro - "Come to where the flavor is." solitary cowboy - print 1966 USA

Come to where the flavor is. Come to Marlboro Country. 

Kayser is marvelous in bed - print 1966 USA

Looking this spectacular at bedtime used to be something that only happened in movies. Isn't progress marvellous?

Cira - The Experience is color (1966) print (USA)

The experience is color. Only by Caprolan. The nightgown is $20. Only by Cira.

PanAm - The Jet is fairly common, the airline is one of a kind (1965) print USA

The Jet is fairly common, the airline is one of a kind

Libby's - Reach for the red refresher! - print 1965

"Libby's. Number one TJ in the U.S.A. Whole Tomato. Great Tomato. 100% straight tomato. Take it tall, dark and crimson. Sip Libby's.

Braniff Airways - End of the plain plane - (1965)

Mary Wells brought airlines and fashion together.

Braniff Airways - Air Strip - (1965)

The campaign created by Mary Well's ad agency, where stewardesses strip to show off their designer uniforms.

Jantzen - When your number one, says Cousy, you don't have to try as hard - 1965, print

"This is the philosophy of the Jantzen International Sports Club: Relax, enjoy and stay on top. When it's water, insist on staying on top.

Johnson - Daisy countdown / Daisy girl - (1964)

"One...Two...Three...Four...Five...Seven...Six....Six...." Lyndon B.

Marlboro - All the world enjoys a Marlboro - print, 1964

"A satisfied customer"

"The blind are also color blind" - support of the Civil Rights bill, 1964

Photo Taken At The Foundation For The Junior Blind Summer Camp, Los Angeles, By Doug Wilson.

Kodak Instamatic - "Cameras load instantly, automatically" 1964, print

Kodak Instamatic has this nice three image demonstration of how their camera was loaded with film, since the easy load was the selling point.
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Levy's Rye: You don't have to be Jewish - 1964

These ads would totally not run today, like ever. But disregarding that, the idea is so simple it's kind of crazy how simple it is.

VW / Volkswagen - Snow plow - (1964)

".....have you ever wondered how the man who drives the snowplow, drives to the snowplow?"

TANG - Orange, Tang, Tomato comparison 1964 print

Tang comparing to tomato.

Volkswagen - Snowplow - (1964) :60 (USA)

This legendary ad won a Cannes Gold Lion in 1964

VW Volkswagen - Karmann Ghia paper race - (1963) :30 (USA)

his classic advert never fails to make me laugh.

VW / Volkswagen - Evolution - Press ad 1963

Paragraph type: Text & HTML Yes. They all look exactly the same. No wait the one on three steps from the top in the center row is...

TANG - a weeks supply for a family of five - 1963

In every jar of TANG there is a weeks supply for a family of five.

Snow Crop Orange Samoa - Love me in December - print, 1963

"Love me in December as you did in May."

Maidenform - I dreamed I was tickled pink in my Maidenform (1962) print (USA)

I dreamed I was tickled pink in my Maidenform bra. Scrolls... newest Maidenform bra ...

Union Carbide - Science Helps Build a New India (1962) printad

"A hand in things to come"

Buick - Waiting for someone important - 1961, printad USA

How nice to be met by this elegant sight... your own '61 Buick waiting for you.

Maidenform "I dreamed I bowled them over in my Maidenform bra" 1961

"I dreamed I bowled them over in my Maidenform bra" 

"Trust Swanson" TV Brand Swiss Steak Dinner print ad, 1960

Trust Swanson. Their Swiss steak is the kind you can cut with a fork.

Mattel - The Tommy Burst Detective set - (1960s) - (USA)

Wanna be like a real detective?

"Non fattening LIBBY's tomato juice" - print 1958

"Non fattening LIBBY's"

Rolls Royce / David Ogilvy - "... the loudest noise comes from the electric clock" - 1958

“At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock”

Rice Crispies - Piano Jingle - (1958) :60 (USA)

Snap Crackle and Pop play the piano and sing a jingle.

Colgate Dental Cream - Mighty Mouse / Tooth Decay is on his way - (1958) :30 (USA)

Mighty mouse is here to save your teeth!
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Mr Clean - Cleans your whole house / jingle - (1958) :60 (USA)

A classic animated Mr Clean jingle, he cleans your whole house!

Cheerios - v8 - Moon rocket kit (1958) :60 (USA)

Collect cheerios and v8 labels and get this fab moon rocket kit. Wait, cheerios and v8?? It seems that leave it to beaver likes it.

HFC - Measles and Mumps (CA classic) - 0:60 (USA)

"The man in the Hathaway shirt" - Ogilvy, print 1955

Ellerton Jette was the president of Hathaway, and didn't have much of a budget.

Jell-O - Ancient Chinese Pantomime - (1955) (USA)

The chinese baby is eating glape Jello. Uh-huh.

Chiquita Banana Original - (1955) 1:24

"Hello Amigo...I'm Chiquita Banana, and I've come to say Bananas have to ripen in a certain way. And when they are flecked with brown

Cheerios - Baseball Jingle - (1952) (USA)


Eisenhower - I like Ike animation & jingle - (1952) :60 (USA)

The "I Like Ike" animated television commercial, produced by Roy Disney and Citizens for Eisenhower-Nixon.

Federal Civil Defense Administration - Duck and Cover / Bert the turtle - (1951)

Duck and Cover was a social guidance film produced in 1951 by the United States federal government's

Colgate - Three ways clean (Cutie Katie and Handsome Harry) - (1950) :30 (USA)

Sing along folks! When cutie Katie makes a scene she wears a smile brushed 3 ways clean
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Pepsi Cola - James Dean - (1950) :60 (USA)

James Dean in an ad!

Pepsodent - Susie Q (Classic - 1948) 0:60 (USA)

You'll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!

Mum Deodorant - Spy (Classic - 1948) 0:60 (USA)

Any good spy knows not to give themselves away!


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