"Dear Nike: Make your shoes for girls too" say a pair of London creatives

I was in an Adidas store the other day. The kind with a huge wall full of shoes enticing you to crosstrain, run, hike and play soccer. While my writing partner was busy trying on all the shoes he was interested in I couldn't find anything for me. I concluded after staring at the wall that I am only allowed to have shoes that are either have a pink or purple accent. And while I probably look like a hyperventilating wet shaved koala when running, I will not stoop so low as to wear pink shoes gosh darnit.

Seems that I'm not the only one to notice this, Emily Hodgson and Emilie Riis, at 18 Feet & Rising created the site purpleunicornplanet (which conceptually ... that URL makes no sense, does it? ).. On the site you see all the cool Nike's that boys can buy, but they don't make them in women's sizes. Fo' Shame! I want tartan running shoes too! With this they also have the @PunicornP twitter account and of course a hashtag, #PleaseJustDoIt. That one makes conceptual sense. They hope your tweets will help guilt Nike into making a bunch of shoes for ladies, at the very least it's free market research for Nike! Maybe Nike just doesn't know that girls like tartan as much as the next guy, and are quite over purple & pink since we're not 9 years old thankyouverymuch.

So the site shows all the shoes women can't get. They also happen to be cool shoes. Gotcha. It's the same over in the Adidas store.
Not everyone can do the sneaky thing that I can, as I am blessed with tiny feet, which is hit up the children's shoes area and grab a much cooler pair for less money. (What? I LIKE Spiderman on my sneakers. You're just jealous.)

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They also inadvertently made every day Nikes seem "exclusive," so congrats on that.

I can't speak for Nike but I know adidas often has female designers (Stella Mccartney) working on the shoes and apparel, so if the ladies don't like pink and purple they should blame her.

Or Jeremy Scott.

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I'm probably the only one, but it bugs me that they call them "girls" and "boys" when they're looking to change adult-sized shoes. I know, nit-picky.

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I agree with you. This language where we say "girls" about grown women really bothers me. It sounds wrong.

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You know, nit-picky as it is, I agree with you. Being a girl was fun, being a teenaged girl was dangerous (not that I've calmed down much), and becoming a woman is a hard earned title that I would like to keep, thanks.