Did Tampax really reach out to Dylan Mulvaney for a collaboration on TikTok?

I'll just preface all of this with the fact that I never use Tampax. That's due to this campaign back in 1989, the brand kept busting the "virgin myth" in ads well into the 1990s, which I always found to be quite weird. And the applicator, there are many reasons not to want that, as this pursette ad will explain to you in comic book form, but my reason is how my mother replied when I asked what they were for.
"What are those applicators for, mom?"
"Oh, that's for the women who are afraid to touch themselves", she snarked.
Now, we are not all blessed with blunt mothers who call things as they see it, so I realize some of the ads running in seventeen magazine were targeting a more sheltered demographic. But I still rolled my eyes and never bought the brand. 

So, I won't threaten to boycott a product I never use, but this might turn some other Tampax loyal users off.

This trans-identified comedian named Dylan Mulvaney has 2.2 million followers on TikTok. In the video above Dylan Mulvaney describes a scenario straight from an episode of "Sex and the city", a woman in the cubicle next to Dylan asks for a tampon. A scene that literally wouldn't happen in real life.
Who even sits in a cubicle next to another cubicle if there are more than two? Women caught out make a temporary pad from toilet paper and carry on. We do not ask strangers for a gross tampon that has been rolling around in their purse for lord knows how long. We ask our best friends, and that question - with the sneaky like a drug deal exchange - happens outside of the ladies' room, or we'll travel in pairs to the ladies' room. Strangers may have cups, big fat pads, tampons from brands I would never use, tiny pads that wouldn't help me better than toilet paper, tampons in the wrong size, scented things, and so on - which is why we don't ask strangers. It's like shouting "Hey Bruce, can I borrow your other jockstrap?" across the locker room. Also, shocker, lots of ladies' rooms around the world come equipped with those little machines that sell tampons and pads for cheap, so the question wouldn't even have to come up.
As an autogynephilic fantasy, this isn't an unusual one. The transgender-identified Jessica Yaniv who was instrumental in getting women banned from Twitter spoke about carrying tampons for the same reason. Yaniv even went so far as to ask young women online if it was OK to help any young girl who requested a tampon with a demonstration on how to insert it.
If you just shivered with creep-vibes it is because this behavior is creepy, and your natural instinct to be repulsed is correct. The "I just want to pee" crowd has paved way for the "participate in my fetish" crowd, as feminists warned would happen. The fetish is to be seen as a "fellow woman" by women and girls. The assumption is that we share tampons (it's always tampons, never pads), by passing them under the cubicle wall as if it was a "no toilet paper here" situation.

Dylan Mulvaney popped back on TikTik a few days later with exciting news, claiming that Tampax contacted them about collaboration after Dylan's "tampon-TikTok" went viral with over five million likes. This has now been reported in Boredpanda as a fact. 

"It seemed that Tampax were quite interested in working with Dylan afterwards. What an incredible outcome!"

Incredible, indeed. To have a transgender-identified TikTok comedian represent your brand in collaboration might seem a tempting idea, as Dylan clearly has a massive reach on TikTok. The initial TikTok has five million likes, after all. 

But the collaboration wouldn't be the obviously humorous one like when Sandee Crack, a well-known Australian Drag queen, appeared in a Libra tampon ad where the entire story is acted out in a club bathroom back in 2012. That ad received complaints for being transphobic, as the entire joke that was set up in the scene was that a man would never have tampons in his purse. And "drag queens" are men.

For all we know, the above TikTok is just another fantasy in Dylan Mulvaney's life much like the unlikely story of a woman shouting across cubicle walls for tampons. It could just be skit they're acting out as they acknowledge they don't have a 😺, so a collaboration with them by a brand they can not use would be quite strange.

However, when all sorts of brands like Estee Lauder, Pantene, Dove "Real Moms"Secret deodorantFreda feminine protectionGillette razors, and lingerie brands like Blush use men and trans-identified people in their advertising, it's quite hard to tell these days as trans-identified people are the new top models. And again, five million likes on TikTok - a brand manager may have reached out and something is in the works right now.

We've contacted Tampax and P&G for comment, but have not received any reply at this time, I did inform them when my deadline was. If they do respond, I will update this article.

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Die !

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Good lord. You all are as deranged as he is. That's why you worship him so much.

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😂 Can't tell if that was a request, a threat, or what.

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I think that was a threat. These people are insane.

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Dumb stuff like this makes me wish that Dabitch would bring back the "filter out anonymous comments" feature for adgrunts. I understand why she keeps it open and I agree with her in principle, but there is a lot of ugly and irrelevant noise being added by anons.

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I am planning on updates, I'll keep that feedback in mind. Thanks.

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That's creepy AF!

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it sounds like you’re dealing with loads of internalized misogyny and transphobia. it’s sick, get help love

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The one that needs help here is that guy who carries a purse full of tampons when he visits public ladies' restrooms.

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These people are nuts. Scary times we live in 😰

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The applicator is for people with short fingers that can't place then correctly. Ffs.

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The applicator is a bunch of plastic waste that clogs up landfills worldwide, you rarely find applicator tampons in Europe, do European women have longer fingers?

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Actually applicators are used widely in Europe (I know I lived in 3European countries and always used them), and they are made of biodegradable material.Moreover it's not about not touching yourself but helping you to put them in the correct position so they don't hurt. We are all made differently and some things help some of us, if not all. Let's be inclusive please. There is absolutely no need to go to war for tampon applicators. Some of us need them, and there is n need to be nasty.

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How was asking if European women have longer fingers "nasty" in any way? Personally, I use a silicone cup to not even add to landfills with cotton tampons.

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Anecdata from an anonymous account doesn't strengthen your generalization, we have no reason to believe that you've "lived in three European countries". Link real data.

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I live in Europe and I traveled all over, the first time I ever saw a tampon with an applicator was NOT in Europe. They are NOT common here. Stop making up lies to support your weak arguments

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This is what you took from the article? This is the important thing you wish to discuss? Not the fact that a man is creeping in women's restrooms with tampons in his purse, promoting a brand over the others in a product category he'll never use himself?

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I totally concur with you this - it's like the 747 took a massive left bank and missed the runway entirely. Women have been under the firing line for ages now and this is just proof of everything we were worried about it leading too. Who cares if people want to use applicators or not - the issue is men are taking over biological women's rights and if we don't do something about it everything our ancestors did to ensure we had equality and freedom will have been for nothing. Only when medical science has reached the point where trans can actually have periods, get pregnant and go through menopause will they ever understand what it is like to be a biological female. I'm not anti-trans at all but don't take my rights away to pave way for your own, because I tell you here and now, you're declaring war on women, and you DO NOT want us to come together and come after you. Women have been oppressed for centuries because men fear our power. We aren't afraid anymore to stand up for ourselves and we will not go back to being chattel and last place ever again. Gloves are off.

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Uterus transplants are already a reality. What does it mean for transgender women getting pregnant? the name of the article.
Australia is doing womb transplants trial next year, so how long before Australia or other countries see transgender women pregnant?

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Why would we submit a child to the risks of being gestated by a male? Have we learned nothing from the thalidomide scandal? So we tell women not to smoke, drink, have caffeine or even eat cheese while pregnant due to the risks this poses for the unborn child. But a man with a donated organ, synthetic hormones and a cocktail of immunosuppressants and anti-rejection drugs is fine? And you think the male will survive such a transplant and pregnancy when even the blood from a woman who has been pregnant can kill a man? To what purpose would we really be removing healthy organs from women to add to them men, and will the women survive? If you want a vaginal canal which is attached to the uterus as well, you know the bit the baby actually comes out of, the woman needs to die for this. All for male vanity and fulfilling their sexual fantasy? Fuck all the way off with that idea, and when you get there, continue fucking off.

By the way, in order to keep a male mouse alive during pregnancy, he had to be attached and share a female mouse's blood supply. Neither mice survived. We are not meat lego.

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Where on earth did you get that idea? The fact is American women prefer applicator tampons, while the rest of the world's women do not. I am linking an article that has done its research on the topic. This isn't a place where people can just invent "facts" and not get called on it.

"Blog posts abound from American expats discovering, to their horror, that most tampons sold outside the US are the kind they have to “shove inside” with their own finger. And, from the other point of view, a Reddit thread entitled “Women of the US, why are your tampons so huge?” displays many people learning, for the first time, that applicators even exist."

As to why the Americans use applicator tampons more than digital tampons, it's actually largely due to Tampax. The first, biggest and most recognizable brand in the US market will get copycats, which resulted in many other tampons with applicators in the US market. Tampax isn't as big of a brand in other markets. As noted even in the Guardian, the brand that hit the market area first steered whether the women prefer applicators vs digital. "Oddly, depending on which brand reached a territory first, most countries have an in-built preference for one or another – so the vast majority of US consumers use applicators, while most German users don’t."

You claim it's for women with shorter fingers, which honestly sounds like something a dude who never used tampons would make up on the spot. Because men have longer fingers than women. 🙄

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Indeed. 🤣

In this thread: Tampon larpers.

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You just pulled that out of your ass.

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Probably literally.

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FFS that's NOT REMOTELY TRUE 🤦‍♀️; Clearly you aren't aware of standard female anatomy.

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Why aren't Procter and Gamble or Tampax replying to your request for comment? That's quite unprofessional.

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Looking at some of that Tiktokers content, he identifies as a comedian as well as a woman.

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*DIES* rotflamo

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So, you just accuse someone of autogynephilia without understanding the pseudoscience behind it. Dylan dates men. Autogynephiles date women. If you're going to pull your Blanchard stuff at least do it right.

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You lack reading comprehension skills.

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Autogynephilia is defined as a male's propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female. That's it.

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Nope, some autogynephiles have relations with men. It’s called pseudobisexuality. You clearly know nothing of this psychopathology except what is parroted on social media.

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Without confirmation from Tampax, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that both stories are completely made up. Women don't ask each other for tampons while in cubicles. Never happened. B U L L S H I T.

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You know Dabitch has upset some people when there are this many anonymous comments.

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What is crazy is that so many people are upset about this guy not being sponsored by Tampax.

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Procter&Gamble needs to make a statement. This man is lying about both events.

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Procter&Gamble need to say something. தலை முழுகுதல்

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This is a tampoax. Nobody asked this guy for a tampon, and Tampax never reached out to him for collaboration. I'll allow Procter&Gamble to use the term when they make their statement, free of charge.

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Yes, it's a tampoax. Tampax needs to clear this up.

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If Tampax think their demographic is a group of people who will never have the need for their own product, then that is going to become a self fulfilling prophecy because I and many other women will stop buying from a brand that doesn’t understand basic biology.

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Babe if you’re a TERF just say that

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I do believe that she's Tired of Explaining Reality to Fuckwits.

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What a condescending way to address someone. Your misogyny is showing.

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What kind of fresh hell is this?

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where he put them tampons 😳😭😭😭 also da fuq how do u put in a tampon without a applicator thats nasty asf

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your name is very fitting... you are, in fact, a bitch.

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And you're racist for mocking a name of Serbian origin.

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I'm sure that they did! After all, other brands reached out to him and paid him. He got to met the president and spew the warped lie that "trans women of color" are killed more on average than any other group of people, with Biden agreeing top this piece of shit propaganda. First of all, we're not doing a direct comparison to any other group that these particular "trans women" also belong to, such as sex workers on the street. Second, we are not looking at who the perpetrators are, which in 100% are men. If you are a prostiture on the street and a John kills you, that's literally a risk you take with that job. So if 100% of trans women are sex workers walkng the streets... They are at far higher risk than a suburbian male who works at McDonald's or a married women who only leaves the house to go to church. NAME THE REAL PROBLEM - it's their "job"

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Follow the money.

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Enough of this nonsense

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Wrong. Over the years, I've had chicks ask me for tampons in bathrooms, I usually carry them, and have always given them one, to their grateful thanks. My purse is always clean (I clean my bags out regularly) and any tampons in them are clean and wrapped too, since I use them. I don't know what kind of light flow you have that some wadded up toilet paper would suffice? That would maybe get a woman with a regular flow from the bathroom to the cabinet to get a tampon. That might work on day one, or the last day. Not in the middle of your flow, and I have only a regular to light 5 day period from beginning to end. I know many women with 6 and 7 day heavy flows.

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Disgusting!! What a joke of a company and a human.