Die Antwoord - Fatty Boom Boom (2012)

Drag-Queen Lady Gaga is on an African concrete jungle Safari, seeing the wild life such as shop keepers, black panthers, hyenas and car jackers when she passes the South African band that rocketh the hardest. Die Antwood bringeth with the war-paint and illustrated dance-gears we've seen previously in "Evil Boy" and "I fink u freeky" (Their signature style was lacking from Babys on fire) Then we pause for a moment to watch the drag-queen Gaga give birth to a prawn star. Yes.

Artist: Die Antwoord

Album: TEN$ION

Music video and story concept: Ninja and Yo-landi Vi$$er

Executive producers: Eddy Moretti, Trevor Silmser, Sterling Proffer, Ninja and Yo-landi Vi$$er

Produced by ZEF FILMZ in association with Egg Films, Battalion and VICE

Directors: Ninja, Terence Neale and Saki Fokken Berg

Director of Photography: Alexis Zabe

Editor: Saki Fokken Berg at Left Post Production

Producer: Julia Schnurr

Music and sound design: DJ HI-TEK

Costumes designed by Ninja

Costumes / wardrobe created and sourced by Gabrielle De Gersigny

Ninja and Yo-landi's black human hair garments by Alexander Wang

Set designs, mural designs, and graffiti by Ninja

Ninja's graffiti based on the work of Roger Ballen

Voodoo Room - art directed by Roger Ballen

Art department: Kezia Eales

Make-up and body-paint design by Ninja

Make-up artist: Alexa Wilson

Vagina Prawn scene based on 'Black Gynaecologist' by Anton Kannemeyer

Dance choreography/dancing by Ninja, Yo-landi, Manti, Tarryn and Robin

Wild animals wrangled by Rodney Nombekana and Andile Nombekana

Animatronic lion head by the Creature Shop

Camera and grips equipment courtesy of Panavision

Lighting equipment courtesy of Media Film Service

Flame and grading by Left Post Production

Additional flame and grading by Blade

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AnonymousCoward's picture

She's in blackface! How can one put out a video in 2012 in blackface?

AnonymousCoward's picture

The music sucks and so does ironic blackface.


There is no such thing as ironic blackface.

Dabitch's picture

WAIT HOLD UP. Like so many other Die Antwoord videos, the visual references are ofte very WTF and decidedly South African (including mocking the world as to what outsiders may THINK is south African). There are panthers, lions, and hyenas in this video, there are snakes and rats in their others, there's always at some point a prawn/grasshopper like a visual nod to District 9 and a comment of the townships/urban life in a world of change. Yolandi who has cats eyes and black skin is a panther or panther/hyena hybrid with the lion's mane of her hair here than anything else. They show humans without teeth, legs, in elephant masks and rat-coats otherwise, always saying "we are animals". They have black people, albinos and white people dancing around their videos. This is not your American blackface, and to project your cultural visual moral standard on the rest of the world is naive at best, culturally colonial at worst.

tl:dr - she's a panther, do'h.

Mr Magoo's picture

WTF did I just see? She gives birth to a prawn!??

Dabitch's picture

Trivia: Vagina Prawn scene based on 'Black Gynaecologist' by Anton Kannemeyer.

AnonymousCoward's picture

Her bright yello dress is made of Chappie wrappers too. That's a south african chewing gum.

Blomkamp-rules's picture

And later, she stars in a movie called Chappie. THE SOUTH AFRICAN CIRCLE IS COMPLETE!

Dabitch's picture

Hahaha, now it's just getting silly.