Dylan Mulvaney has a paid partnership with Haus Labs, Lady Gaga's brand.

Dylan Mulvaney has a paid partnership with Haus Labs, Lady Gaga's brand. 

It was initially published on Gaga's brand Hause labs TikTok channel, and then also published on Mulvany's own TikTok channel. The voice that Mulvany mimes to when describing the product, is Lady Gaga's, as the product is applied.

This video didn't just appear on Gaga's and Mulvany's accounts, it was also promoted on TikTok and other social media, as you can see here, so that it would appear in related followers feeds. 

This is not the first time a major brand or advertiser has sought out the 'media channel' of Dylan Mulvany, who has millions of followers on TikTok. Early on there was some seemingly "manifesting" type of videos where Dylan wanted Tampax to sponsor them, but Tampax never confirmed or denied this collaboration. Soon after that Dylan arrived at the white house for a meeting with Joe Biden, only after showing the makeup company Ulta how to kickstart a boycott from most of their own customers. 

As we've seen with many controversial "influencers" before, this, the rubbernecking notoriety of some may not actually result in sales. What I find most fascinating about Dylan Mulvany is how quickly this social media channel empire evolved, the "days of girlhood" series had only been on for a month when Good Morning America featured Dylan. 

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Big fan of Gaga but partnering with Dylan is a huge miss.

Bel's picture

It’s “gaga” that women are endorsing Mulvany’s.

The sad state of affairs's picture

Like that old song goes That joke isn't funny anymore. I thought for the longest time that this was some sort of parody, but if a mediocre looking man (or dare I say, even unattractive) get's a BEAUTY BRAND SPONSORSHIP while millions of stunning young women do not, it's clear that white men still rule the world. They just wear dresses and do "woman" better than women, now.