Fisher Pens - Civilizing Space, since 1968 - print Australia

Alien child

Fisher Pens celebrate the anniversary of the Lunar Landing with these posters, made just for the occasion, with carefully dressed up aliens sitting for their portraits.

This reminds me of people who tell that old space-pen factoid, that NASA spent millions researching to create the ultimate space pen which would work in zero gravity...... And the Russians solved the same problem by giving their cosmonauts pencils. At that punch-line, one is supposed to laugh and shake ones head at crazy NASA or something. But I always go on a long worrying rant about pencil shavings and lead bits breaking off, bouncing around space crafts at zero gravity, getting into eyes and causing short circuits, and I worry about both the wood and the leads ability to burn rapidly in the pure oxygen atmosphere, and what happens with teeny-tiny lead bits floating around the space craft during descent, they could cause so much damage.... OMG! pencils are totally dangerous someone give me a paper bag to breathe into.
At that point people roll their eyes at me spoiling all the fun and leave me alone. PS - I totally want a space pen.

Alien GRAY

Client: Stalex
Agency: Kastner & Partners in Sydney

Photographer: Sean Izzard
Retouche: Cream
Executive Creative Director: Darryn Devlin
Copywriter & Art Director - Dan Foster
Copywriter & Art Director -Darryn Devlin

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