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Forsman & Bodenfors celebrates drinking “Spots” with Diageo’s Seagram’s 7 campaign Starring Iliza Shlesinger (2023) :15 & :06 (USA)

"Andrew and his plans are regulars here, it's the spot where he kisses a moose for good luck."

Sony Playstation - Live from PS5 / Bringing You The Extraordinary - Leviathan Axe from the God of War

This is "Live from PS5" where it's perfectly normal to report the news while Kratos slides down the ice road with Atreus and the wolves

Snapchat - "Wait’ll You See This" (2023) :60 (USA)

A caveat, I hate Snapchat. But the kids like it. So this is not targeted at me.

Burberry pulls ad showing model with a double mastectomy due to pushback: ‘B:MINE’

Burberry pulled an image from its latest campaign after heavy criticism A double mastectomy?

Hey wonderful welcomes director Matteo Mosterts

Hey Wonderful has signed award-winning filmmaker Matteo Mosterts for commercial representation.

Heinz waited 57 years for this - 'LVII Meanz 57' attaching themselves to the Superbowl LVII

The Superbowl is coming up with the roman numerals seen everywhere, and this year it's LVII.

Facebook Marketplace Achintya & $15 / Ricotaquito & Headband from Anomaly

“From flaunting newfound skills online to making authentic relationships in real life, we wanted this campaign to reflect authentic content on Faceboo

Facebook Marketplace - Diego & Jayden + table = love / Jeffery & Cameras

Everyone loves a bargain. Including Gen Z.


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