Honeycomb Cereal 'Spaceship Honeycomb' (1978) (USA)

Colgate Toothpaste "The smile on your face" Jingle (1978) (USA)

"The smile on your face is there because..."

Lipton Filterte - Breakfast / ”Gott, jättegott!” Lill & Brasse (1978) (Sweden)

As much as he tries, he's not able to cut her off and get a word in sideways.

Bovril - Terry Wogan (1978) :30 (UK)

1978 Terry Wogan

7-Up -'UNdo It!' Jingle / Same thing only different (1978) - (USA)

"It's the same thing, only different!" 7-up jingle

McDonald's - Hash Browns - (1978) :40 (USA)

McDonald's hash Browns may look funny, but they taste good.

Clearly show your train pass, Japan, September 1978

This Napoleon-like man is encouraging passengers on Japanese trains to "Clearly show your train pass"

Clarks Shoes - Blueprint (1978) :430 (UK)

This little foot will get corns and bunions if the shoe is too tight.

Heineken - The Most Successful Man (1978) :60 (UK)

The man who has everything is bored and his butler brings him a Heineken.


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