Fruit of the Loom - Advice / Briefs (1978) :30 (USA)

Girls, I bought a lot of underwear for my man, and years ago I picked Fruit of the loom!

International Scout Vehicle - Not just a car - (1978) :30 (USA)

- I see you bought a new car.  - This isn't just a car, this is a Scout!

Whirlpool - Endangered species (1978) :30 (USA)

Endangered species

Chanel n°5 - Catherine Deneuve / Co-operating (1978) :30 (France)

"Sometimes we are very co-operating, and sometimes we are very difficult"

Buick - '78 Buick Electra 'Magic' (1977) (USA)

Crown Royal - The Butler Did it - 1978, print USA

The Butler did it. And you thought Absolut ads were sparse. 

Dow Scrubbing Bubbles vo Paul Winchell (1978) :30 (USA)

Paul Winchell, who played Tigger in the cartoons also created the voice for the scrubbing bubbles, making kids all over America beg mom to buy this cl

Cinzano - Bar - (1978)

Little Caesar's Pizza - pizza! (1978) (USA)

Look at them flipping that pizza!


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