Heineken - Sally the musical Seal - (1977) 0:45 (UK)

The maestro has a solution at his fingertips. Because Heineken reaches the parts that other beers can not reach.

Hamlet - Robot Factory (1977) :30 (UK)

At the robot factory, a robot gets his head put on backward. But that's okay because happiness is a cigar called Hamlet.

Daily Express - Ulrike Meinhoff - (1977) :30 (UK)

Twin girls assemble and load guns, as the voiceover tells us about Ulrike Meinhoff, and says: Get the Daily Express, and read about why ordinary women

Olympus - Wedding Photographer / David Bailey (1977) :45 (UK)

So simple, anyone can use it.

EMI - Frank Sinatra / Bees do it / Animals - (1977) :60 (UK)

Animated turtles, octopuses, and rhinos sing Frank Sinatra songs.

EMI - Three Little Girls / Diana Ross and The Supremes - (1977) :45 (UK)

The little babies clapping to "Baby love" is really quite brilliant.

Chef Boyardee - Spaghetti Sauce test by Mrs Maccarino (1977) (USA)

Mrs Doris Maccarino knows her spaghetti sauce.

I love New York - Broadway / Dracula - The King & I (1977) :60 (USA)

"I love New York, especially in the evening"

7-eleven "brings out the best not the beast in you (1977) :30 (USA)

"Some mornings, there is a little monster in all of us" - Morning Fred! - RAWR

Excedrin - Extra strength means Excedrin (1977) :30 (USA)

When you have a headache, what does extra strength mean to you?


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