Festis - Drick Fest-is all gånger / Drink Festis all the time (1969) no dialogue (Sweden)

This odd little animation is strangely captivating, as a square character runs back and fourth.

Braniff International Airlines - Souvenir hunting granny - (1969)

With the redesign of the airline, Braniff soon found that people were taking a lot of souvenirs from the airplanes.

Volkswagen - The big one is on the left. (1969) printad (USA)

Don't rub your eyes. It's no illusion.

Charmin - Mr. Whipple - Don't Squeeze the Charmin (Classic) - 0:60 (USA)

First she squeezes the tomatoes, then she squeezes the melon... And now she's squeezing the new Charmin!

Broomsticks - Are for the birds -(1969) printad (USA)

11'21.•.e Ai Ai / BROOMSTICKS are for the birds And birds dig the look of FORTREL". Traditional ivy with a bit of British.

Volkswagen - We don't have to start from scratch each year. (1969) printad (USA)

We don't have to start from scratch each year. We've been making the same basic VW for so long now, you'd think we'd be bored wit

Swanson Fried Chicken - a Good Chicken Dinner should have - 1969, print USA

A good chicken dinner should have....

Princess Gardner - Wet is Wild (1969) print

Princess Gardner introduces the "wet look" . Body copy promises;

Maidenform Tric-o-lastic - I dreamed I stretched ... (1969) print USA

1969 Maidenform Tric-o-lastic Bras Print Ad I Dreamed I Stretched Here to There


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