Future Children Project - I'm blaming you / Obama 2012 - (USA)

Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners created this little song above, sung by our children sad about the future, encouraging people to re-elect President Obama. No stranger to political ads, Rich Silverstein distilled eight years of politics into word-posters back in 2007 to encourage people to vote democrat. This time he got Jeff Goodby to help out and write the song, despite being a registered Republican, and the song goes a little like this;

"Imagine an America / Where strip mines are fun and free / Where gays can be fixed / And sick people just die / And oil fills the sea
We don’t have to pay for freeways! / Our schools are good enough / Give us endless wars / On foreign shores / And lots of Chinese stuff"

Where oil fills the sea? Like that [swearword] BP disaster oil spill? Ha! Jeff might have thrown in a curveball or two just to mess with yas.

The chorus repeats, "We’re the children are the future, American through and through. But something happened to our country, and we’re kind of blaming you." OK. If I don't vote Obama, my kid is gonna be peeved. Gotcha.


Update Seems this ad went viral: Fox News, Huffington Post, Policymic... etc etc.

Future Children Project
Jeff Goodby - Copywriter
Rich Silverstein - Art Director
Tim Green - Art Director
Todd Porter - Producer, Music Supervisor
David Michel Ruddy - Composer + Music Producer
Sue Bohlin - Vocal Casting, Coaching
Genevieve McCarty - Line Producer
Norman Bonney - DP
Thomas Ruge - 1st AD
Whitney Ferris - 2nd AD
Sam Houser - Assistant Producer
Bob Henningsen - Production Manager
Alvin Shen - Production Coordinator
Erik Johnson - Editor
Quinn Moticka - Assistant Editor
Ty Bardi - VFX Supervisor
Dave Baker - Audio Editing and Mixing
Nathan T Winter - Recording Engineer
Alison Plansky - Post Producer
Nicholas DeMatteo - Additional instrumentation
Yair Evnine - Additional Instrumentation
Bess Cocke - Director Business Affairs
Jaime Szefc - Business Affairs Associate Manager

Kids: Andrés, Aramé, Ariel, Ava, Bailey, Benjamin, Brandon, Bryn, Carmen, Claire, Damien, Daniel, Delphina, Desi, Dylan, Emi, Emma, Eric, Evelyn, Isaak, Lana, Michael, Nathan, Nora, Rachel, Ratu, Ryan, Vincenzo, Zachary.

Thanks: James Horner, Robert Geary, Katie Porter, Dahlia Burde

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I wonder how Goodby's parent company Omnicom feels about that crack about China, considering both BBDO and TBWA have Chinese offices.

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The irony is that every red cent Goodby and Silver stein has made is a result of advertising they produced for the very people and companies run by the very people that Obama has demonized for four years - and most of those campaigns have not worked.

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Perhaps they're also not aware that A. We're still at war. B. We're borrowing from China so much we're indebted for trillions. C.These parks that are supposedly closed? They don't exist in Goodby's home state of California. Since California "found" 2.3 billion in assets this year to keep them all running. Oops! This is the problem with politics in America and political adverts. The adverts always accuse candidates of "playing politics," and yet they do so by playing politics. Instead of facts we create bullshit with only a polemic argument attached to back it up.

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You bad Daddy - you vote for Obama or I'm gonna wish you into the cornfield.

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I found this site when I was checking to see if this video was a parody that had fooled all the super conservative sites -- beacusse I thought it was far too stupid to be real. But hey, it's real! I imagine the copywriter and directer will have a smaller pool of clients in the near future, because the number of people who think this is any good can't be big. BOY is that bad.

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Why did you put "Obama 2012" in your headline? He and his campaign had no part in this. Totally misleading and obviously trying to stir things up with cheap innuendo.

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ya thats the whole point, they put this up on conservative sites and say "This Is What Obama is doing" when really they created it themselves.

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The irony is that every red cent Goodby and Silverstein has made is a result of advertising they produced for the very people and companies run by the very people that Obama has demonized for four years - and most of those campaigns have not worked. This campaign also ignores the tens of millions who have remained unemployed or underemployed for four long years because Obama finds it easier to blame others than to accept responsibility for his own failures and instead work with others to seek solutions that will work. Finally Goodby and Silverstein conveniently disregard the responsibility and incompetence of Obama which directly resulted in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi this past 9/11 and whom instead found a youtube video to blame. The advertising industry is no different than the film industry - they produce little of value and survive on self-congratulations.

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If you actually READ the article it never said it was paid for by the Obama administration. It is indeed though a Pro-Obama ad. How do we know? Well, if you go to Future Children Project's website it clearly reads: "Re-Electing President Obama Is A Momentous Decision That Will Require Every Single Voter. What Would The Children Of The Future Say If We Let Them Down This November?"

It's hardly cheap innuendo if the CREATORS have stated the purpose of the ad, is it?

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Hey Anon at 27. October 2012 - 21:35., allow me to explain.

The "paid for by Obama" campaigns posted on Adland are listed in the headline with the official campaign name Obama for America, and have a note in the credits of the post stating that it's an official ad.

This one, does not. Nowhere in the text do I imply that Obama has approved of this message. However the ad is for getting people to vote Obama, and to leave that out would be weird.

Trivia: online, politicians did not have to stand by their ads originally, allowing for some serious mudslinging via the likes of youtube.

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I'm impressed that they found so many ugly children to do this.

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Thank you for saying what I kept stammering to try and utter with firm conviction. I absolutely concur with your view. At least I can post this reply, even though I have the speaking skills of Kryten (The mechanoid on Red Dwarf) trying to lie: http://youtu.be/oB-NnVpvQ78

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Hey Kids, - how many of you have/want an iPhone?

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Liberals with their "Children of the Corn" mindset

You self-indulged asshole Liberals, are the ones that favor killing babies to begin with; robbing them of their future.

I'm so looking forward to voting for Romney this November!

Thanks for providing a site I can send fence sitters I know, so they can see what Insane Collectivist assholes most of you Obama lovers truly are...

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As creepy as I find this ad, I have to agree with these kids. Since they are the children of parents who clearly support and vote for Obama, I blame their parents too!

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Pure filth and propaganda a la Marxism. Indoctrinate the children and use the necessary idiots such as Ghouldby, Silverslime and Partners. Nobama supporters have nothing to run on as his administration has ruined this country. They only prey on fear-based bias, with no substance. Stand up and defend what he has accomplished. Oh wait, had that actually happened, we'd have heard it already. Sick, sheep!

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Thanks to our leader the reader, we get the ad guys version of the audacity of blaming.
It's apparent that blame has become our national pastime.
I wish they would have squeezed it into a :30. They need an editor.

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What's next???

Are we going to whip out the old National Lampoon Cover of the frightened dog looking at the gun pointed at his head with the new line, "If you don't vote for Obama we'll shoot this dog!" For National Lampoon it was a joke. For the typical Obama Voter - they truly believe in this level of persuasion. Throw out all the ads, the pep rallies, the endorsements, the Hollywood idiots who can't even manage their own lives, and the hype, and just look at the score card. An outsider who's heard none of BS speeches would say the guy in charge needs to be fired. He's had four years and he's accomplished nothing. If he was a college or professional sports coach he would have already been released from his contract. Why is this even a race?

Nobama No Mo's picture

@Just Some Guy -- Absolutely Correct! There is no option other than Romney. Unfortunately, the most devisive president ever has always made it about 'race.' Dare you question the great half-black, half-white savior of the United States? Libs had no trouble holding W's feet to the fire of accountability. Why is this empty-suit-of-a-joke any different?

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So, in the future, healthy children with glasses and braces complain about ... well it can't be their food, clothes, and healthcare.

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Hey that's not fair. They have plenty to complain about. Like for example, being born in the First World. Show a little empathy!

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Wow exploitation of children at its best... Keep down this path that we are on and their kids will be making those cheep Chinese toys in sweat shops on our soil... Or should I say the soil of China in the future

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This thread has officially been Godwinned.

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Absolutely! I didn't know what Godwinned was until after I wrote my comment. Glad to know!

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A truly uninspired song. The U.S. version of Hitler Youth. But do they really understand what they are singing?

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those are some cute kids and probably smarter than most of the american voters

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Yes, this is borderline exploitation? The kids do not even know what they are singing?

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Very cute song, we like it here, cheers

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It would have been great if the kids knew what they were singing btw its still cute ;)

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I would question the assumption that tolls are inherently unfair to lower income folks. Using general tax revenue to fund highway building and maintenance is just as.

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This post has only gotten spam comments for the past year. I'm shutting comments off here for the moment. Go spam your links somewhere else.