He Gets Us - Foot Washing (2024) :(USA)

Forgive an Art Directors immediate gut reaction to this, but as soon as I saw it on TV, I flashed back to discussions that I've had with other visual artists on how we find that AI generated art has an eerie feeling. Like there is always the uncanny valley sensation. One of my colleagues nailed it when she exclaimed "It's kind of demonic!"

So, "He gets us" choose that to generate these images.

A barefoot son washes his fathers feet. A barefoot hispanic cop washes the feet of a dreadlocked young man in what looks like a seedy back alley. You'll soon notice that everyone is barefoot - so the feet washing goes both ways.
The punk and the preppy girls in high school washes each others feet. The pickup truck guy and the Native American wash each others feet.
I get it, the "opposites" or supposed "enemies" are washing each others feet. Okay. Now we have the abortion protestor and the girl about to get one. The alcoholic mom and her child. The eco-warrior girl and the oil rig man. The migrant and the NIMBY. And so on, it ends with the image of an effeminate roller skating man and a priest in what looks like Venice Beach washing feet - then the tagline: Jesus didn't teach hate.

Client: “He Gets Us” is a charitable organisation named Come Near.
Ad agency: Lerma/

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