iPhone 7 - Romeo & Juliet (2016) :30 (USA)

It's exactly 4 seconds into this ad that I figure out the "surprising twist" that will tie it all together, but I love watching little kids all dressed up act as if movie in stars in a cinematic version of Shakesphere, so it has my full attention anyway. And there it is, the end shot where proud dad - for proud dad, capable dad, cooking dad and always there dad has crushed the old Doofus Dad ad stereotype so hard these past few years, I find myself wondering where the hell all the mothers are - is filming the school play on the iPhone 7. "Your movies look like movies on iPhone 7" the ad explains, and sure I'll buy that, but then there's "Practically Magic."

Say what now? Did someone fall in love with Arthur C Clarke's adage "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic," and decide that was a campaign tagline? I got news for that someone, the iPhone 7 is not a revolution in the way the first iPhone was. This tagline is tacked on and useless. Now I'm angry I was allowing myself to be entertained by the very predictable "school play looks great with X camera" scenario. Pfft. "Practically Magic." What's missing in this campaign is that magic Apple ads used to have. Please find it again ktx.

Client: Apple

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