Lavazza gets pin-up ad banned in Sweden

Swedes - the prudes with the scandalous reputation and the high ratio of buxom blondes has banned a Lavazza ad as it was discriminating. See tame pin-up inside.

As we can see here, the gorgeous pilot is relaxing at home in her bed after work with a nice cup of espresso. Right. No, that's not what's going on, ERK (Ethical council in advertising) states:

The ad is an example of advertising where women are used as attention-grabbing image of a sexual nature, without having a connection to the product advertised. This is insulting to women in general and the ad thus breask the ICC guidelines of advertising.

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Ha! The Lynx Jet has competition!

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Dabitch wrote: As we can see here, the gorgeous pilot is relaxing at home in her bed after work with a nice cup of espresso. Right. No, that's not what's going on...

Indeed. I see a man wearing only a towel in the top left portion of the ad. It looks like he has another towel over his shoulders that he is drying himself off with as he steps out from the shower.

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Swedes also upset when the "folk"-gym (a sort of cooperative training: Friskis & Svettis) is talking about that s*x is the best way to train your body. And with beautiful erotic pics by Walter Hirsch. Big nono in this godforsaken prude land. Or what is your take on it dab? ;)

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I thought that the Walter Hirsch penetration-photo shouldn't be in an open direct mail customer magazine for the "everybody" gym known as 'Friskis och Svettis'. It's totally off-brand and quite frankly a little gross. Call me a prude if you wish but penetrations belong in avant garde art farty books or porn mags and not that particular magazine. Unless of course you want to alienete your mom-pop-and-kids customers and become some arty-farty elite gym, that is. Edit: See images at Resume. (NSFW depending on where you work)

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Ha! they sure have a strange campaign running, some odd superhero and a woman dressed as a latex-leopard? (crap camerphone-photos)

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Where did you guys even get that racy reputation from?

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Back in 1951 there was some visible nipple in One Summer of Happiness, then in the sixties there was
I am curious yellow - but I think it has to do with Denmark being the first country to legalize pornography and people getting the two countries confused. Sorta like the old airport-driver conversation in anyland. -"So where you from?" -"Sweden." -"Oh, they make great chocolate... And watches..." alternativly they'll speak of "how liberal" we are. These days I just reply "Norway".

To add to that though, ERK are just following the ICC advertising codes, which aims to self-regulate against sexist and/or discriminatory and/or offensive advertising. The International Chamber of Commerce is not a Swedish invention, but perhaps Swedes are just pickier about following the self-imposed rules in order to stay neutral and not offend?