Nike's Freestyle Basketball youtube viral bores me like all other fake virals.

I'm getting sick of these fake stunts posted to youtube that are secret little ads, aren't you? People jumping into jeans, climbing to catch baseballs, and now making impossible dunks for Nike.

Perhaps it's because all I can hear in my head when I see it is Larry Bird & Michael Jordan saying "Nothing but net"* and then I get a wild craving for a Big Mac - even though I know that special sauce ain't nothing but thousand island dressing.
Must dash and gorge on fatty burger now folks.

(*from McDonald's - Larry Bird / Michael Jordan - The Showdown (1993) - 0:60 (USA))

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Yeah, the basketball is probably remote controlled anyway.

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It's a clever viral but its such as shame that its fake - I'm always a bit disappointed when I find out that these have been created for marketing purposes. A couple of really good examples by Guinness and Levis have been analysed in this blog.

What do you think?