These aren't your typical badlander candidates since both agencies belong to the same conglomerate, but the similarities do pile up. Literally. Did TBWA dig the worldwide acclamation for their Sony Mountain spot so much that they adapted the notion for their new US Adidas Kevin Garnett spot, or is it all a meme-ish Amsterdam/London/San Francisco coincidence?

Superadgrunts, view Sony's Mountain, then Adidas' Carry and judge for yourself. Both spots are still pretty darn good, IMHO.

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I have three neices who I carry on my shoulders - still don't get the sneaker connection as I wear kick-ass heels while carrying the young-uns around. I doubt it's gender specific.,

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Maybe the pigpile in the Guinness ad paved the way for this type of special effects?

I can't remember where I read it, I thought in the Adrants somewhere, but didn't Paul Arden say something like "Music is 90% of a commercial"? In this case it's very very true, the music makes the Playstation ad.

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I only just saw this Guinness ad (from 2001) recently, but it got me thinking that perhaps visual device of the Sony mountain was inspired by the climbing on top of eachother shot in the guinness ad.

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"Herren p

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I think building the tower of Babylon with the help of human flesh is spectacular wherever in the world. :)

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"Soon they'll be breeding us like cattle! You've got to warn everyone and tell them! Playstation is made of people! You've got to tell them! Playstation is people!"

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The visuals of the Mountain ad is spectacular to us....but maybe if the ad aired in high population countries like India or China, they might wonder what the big deal was!

The ad also reminds me of the awesome movie Soylent Green.

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Thanks for explaining to a confused copywriter :)

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The Playstation ad is for an internet connected console - they literally show the whole world playing, with a winner being "on top of the world" if just for a fleeting second.......

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Note on "pigpile": To those of you outside the US, "pigpile" is a classic and mostly spontaneous childhood playground activity where, once "Pigpile!" was shouted, every available boy within hearing range would come a'runnin' and jump on top of a growing heap of bodies, usually with a predetermined victim on the bottom. Common during touch football (American) games or during recess just for the hell of it, and also often seen in professional sports after a team wins. I wasn't sure if the term was global (Is it?), and I noticed via Google that the gay community is using it to mean something similar but also very different, so I thought I'd clarify.

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The Sony spot make me sad when looking at it as a picture of the state of the world (possible a reflex of my old job *grin*). But it's good. Fabulous work and post-prod. But it doesn't make me feel like buying a PS2 (and I don't own any console *duck*)...

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Possibility that it's genderspecific? Or is it my experiences of having the kids on the shoulders? :)

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I'll join you in the don't-get-the-connection-corner. I'm not exactly sneaker target though, but most ads usually make sense to me, unlike this one.

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I like the Sony spot better. The first time I saw the Adidas spot it was the :15 or :30 and it made little sense. It definitely makes better sense in the longer version but I don't think the concept resonates as much in comparision to the other spot. Maybe it's because I'm in a more literal frame of mind lately, but I don't get how the pigpile has anything to do with shoes. :/

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I don't feel it like "oh sh*t wuz Badlandic". The Adidas-spot is more "look how cool the guy in the sneakers are" when the PS2-spot is more on the almost fatalistic feeling of the end of the world :)

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Long ago I had two gay roommates, and when they yelled "Böghög", we'd all pile on top just like you described.