Random Adland Poll: TAGS!

Hullo all adgrunts big and small, new and old. I'm curious about the tags system, and if you could spare a second to give us some input here, I'll spread 14 days of super adgrunt joy to your accounts. K? Ready?

The Tags for the commercials - do you use them? If not, why not? Do you tag stuff? If not why not? Could it be better? How? Did you see the tags FAQ in the ever underestimated FAQ? Comment your input below and get your super juice as soon as I see your comment. Cheers in advance!

Just for the heck of it, other sites with Tags:
Technorati Tags - words on many-a-blog, tagged.

Flickr photo tags describes the images.

Metafilter tags - metafilter posts tagged.

Wikipedia tag clouds & Wikipedia on Tags

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I use them whilst browsing the site. I can't really make tags myself, since I can't gauge the content of ads very well (not being able to get Super Adgrunt status normally), They are incredibly useful, though. I also like how they have different sizes depending on how much content they have. It would be better if they had a number indicating their content as well, because I'm crazy like that.

Oh, and don't mind the newb account. I lurk regularly, so I've never had a really good excuse to post until now.

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Been a week now. I'll stop with the upgrades (mainly so that next time I need input and bribe people with superjuice for it, people will reply within a week. heh). Thanks for all the input people, helped a lot.

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Well, you are now upgraded - go ahead and add thosse words you think should be on the films as you please, have fun!

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Oh, tags! I can bring to mind a few places where I've seen them available, but for some reason I don't really enjoy using them. However, I think it's a pretty cool idea for this area. I've had hard times searching for certain commercials in the past that weren't under words I thought they should be under. Well, if I happen to get upgraded, I think I might just try this tag system! And if not, I'll see what I can find that I couldn't before! : D

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Perfect, thanks!

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Your wish is my command. I just upped the tag-count on each ad to 40 words. Use them wisely! :)

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Yes, I use them, I tag things that need to find again sometimes. It's easy to do. I wish more people would tag, it's clear that not many are. Then it would become a super feature for random browsing as well. Adcritic et al has nothing like it.
My only gripe is that I wish there was room for more than ten words on each commercial. Some ads need more tags.

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Tried to figure out how to move the tags up as you suggested, but the only place they can go is either where they are now, OR , right up there underneath the headline, by the date, poster's name and all that jazz. Looks messy there.

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Everybody can add tags, just click "edit" to add the words you want. :) Ps - there's also a anthropomorphic tag. There's giantess, monster, gnome, iceskating, nude and any word you can think of really! :)

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I didn't know about the tags but now that I do I'll check it out--talking animals, for example. If I find some ads and contribute them I'll use tags, or if there's a way I can add a tag to an ad already posted, I'll do that. Thanks...

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OK, thanks - all the input is great guys. LordOfMeep: by "number indicating their content as well" do you mean that you want to see how many ads are tagged, say "dog"? Because if you just hover over the "dog" tag, you'll see the number - like so:

But maybe that's not what you mean? Did you want something like "Dog:56" as a link straight up?

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I had heard of Tags before but never ever really researched them until now. And after researching them, it is a Pain to tag every post with every relevant keyword. So, unless I can do it very easily without the HTML [crapcrapcrap], I shan't be tagging.

And I had no idea ad-rag has a tags system. I always saw it at the bottom of posts.

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I haven't tried tagging yet, but not for a lack of interest. Fatigue and family are my masters of the moment, so I get little time to do things that require concentration or learning. My reading is slow, and my comprehension is weak.

I stumbled onto and moved around the tag page itself and found the interface so intuitive that using it was no effort at all.

From what I can tell from unsuccessful searches and all, is that the ads seem to need more detailed tags.

Hope this helps in some way.

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I didn't know there were tags, so I've never used them.

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Do I use the tags? Yes and no. I love to check the tags to see what various people have decided to use. But I never search for tags, or look for specific tags. That's not to say that I never would use them as such, just that I haven't found a particular need as of yet. I will say that I really like the way the tag page is layed out...with more common tags in larger fonts (at least I assume that's what's going on there).

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Do I use tags? Not really. I find the "super search" more to my liking for locating commercials.

Why do I not use tags much? The main difficulty I have with tags is how subjective and redundant I perceive them to be.

Do I tag stuff? I did, but not anymore.

Why do I not tag stuff anymore? At first, I jumped right in and did some tagging, but I soon lost interest.

Could tags be better? Of course! Most everything could be better!

How could tags be better? Audience involvement. I think you are already on the road to making tags better by getting people involved in a discussion about tags. That is the first step.

Did I see the tags FAQ in the ever underestimated FAQ? Yes, but that was a while ago.

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Thanks. You know what? I've definitely seen those tags before, but never Noticed them until now. Maybe they should be moved up to directly below the screencaps, or something. And I've not noticed the Tags! link either! Will make more use of them now.

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Most likely. Check what the commercial page looks like now that you have a super juiced account. See them tags under each ad? :) You can add and edit tags as you please as well, just hit "edit".
The link to the tags cloud page is in the top left navigation box "deeper adland" but I have a feeling that box if often overlooked.

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I like tags and metadata and use such functions on lots of other websites... however, like one of the above posters, I never knew adland had anything like it. It would make browsing commercials much easier (right now I don't find the search very accurate/consistent). Have I never noticed it because I'm not a current paying adgrunt?

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Thanks guys - I hope you agree that it's very user-friendly. I wanted to avoid the feeling that it would be hard to do so how do you tag? Well you just click "edit", then type in the words you fancy typing in, then hit "submit". You can give it a go on every ad on all the commercials on that page without even "clicking in" to see the ad!

Seems easy enough, no? :)
garbahnzo , there is no html involved in tags here. I agree that Technocrati's system is a right pain in the arse - it also requires the tags to be exposed in the RSS feed of any blog to "work". But our system doesn't ask for coding skills like that. :)

Thanks very much guys - you've both been juiced. Very helpful. I Guess I hafta make the tags known better, and how to do them known better too huh?

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Sorry babe...it is a pain-in-the-neck to Tag but I'll give it a go if I must. I tune my Technorati tags regularly. But it's pretty easy to do. We'll see how user-friendly your system is. Cheers. Love your work.