Che - "Lets keep dreaming of a better world" poster, live.

Duval Guillaume, Antwerp are at it again for Che magazine.
In the "better world" of Che magazine, women go from your regular street-level eye-candy to full-blown I carry my own frame bikini-models who stand on your desk all day. So that you may ogle from every angle. Don't you worry about food, water, a lavatory or any other human needs, boy. Don't fret your little dreamworld-head with that. Husssh.

Geoffrey Hantson (Creative Director)
Dirk Domen (Creative Director)
Sebastien De Valck (Art Director)
Kristof Snels (Copywriter)

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Ché.. Eh?

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She looks so bored. I don't blame her.

"Happiness is overrated."