Why is there a tarantula crawling up her breast?

Speaking of frickin' weird ads, while I was checking out the links to the previous story I was surfing - oh the horrors - condom less on the Internet so to speak, and I *gasp* actually saw the banner ads.

They are really scary. Trust me.

Take this gem for example. I need the concept here explained to me in small words. So pretty 3D gal is minding her own business when, uh-oh, a tarantula starts crawling up her breast. Look down girl! There's a giant hairy spider on your chest!"
You can never get these 3D rendered chicks to act right. Act scared girl. Come on girl, show me your scared face.

Nooo, that's your "I'm going to be sick" face. Scared face! No, No TOO MUCH! Sheeshs, you're no David Caruso take it down a notch.

Cut! Lets hire a real actor. What do you mean our budget is only 20 cans of Jolt cola and some rocket pop?

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caffeinegoddess's picture

These banner ads get more and more surreal.

Wendall's picture

Ah! Uncanny Valley!

alex's picture

Is this what's known as user generated content?

TDD's picture

That might be the Brazilian white knee tarantula (Acanthoscurria geniculata).
The Mexican red knee tarantula (Brachypelma smithi) is the one you see the most in movies and on television. I have too much free time today.

Dabitch's picture

Lets feed you 20 cans of Jolt Cola and some Rocket pop to see what kind of ads you'll generate!

TDD's picture

I just found this:

TDD's picture

I don't think I need 20 cans of Jolt Cola and some Rocket Pop to make a better ad.

Dabitch's picture

Amazing that someone went to the trouble of youtubing that banner.

TDD's picture

Yeah, someone has more free time than I do. That's scary. I'll be back to the salt mine tomorrow. That should end my postings for a while. "Tar - tant - chew - la"

Dabitch's picture

aw poo, end postings for a while? But, the spam-trap will MISS you. ;9 okay, fine, me too