Peta cages naked pregnant lady for Mothers day

PETA is at it again, but instead of undressing celebrities they've stripped one of their "very pregnant" members named Noemie down to her skivvies and placed her on all fours and kneeling in a replica farrowing crate with the banner ‘Unhappy Mother’s Day for Pigs', all in the middle of in Covent Garden. Do you know how cold it is in London these days? BrrRRRrrr! I hope Noemie didn't catch one in her state.
PETA's own blog Fish and Chimps explains the stunt:

Mother’s Day is a time to show love, respect and gratitude for mothers so it is only fitting that we extend that kindness to mothers that have a really tough time all year round – sows, who are squeezed into narrow metal stalls barely bigger than their own bodies. Unable to turn around, nuzzle their piglets or do anything that comes naturally to them, they live in misery. When weaned, the piglets are taken away to be fattened for slaughter, and the mothers are put through the process all over again.

PETA seems to prefer the nude approach when doing their ad stunts, you can see photos of the stunt here and PETA's own channel on has video of the event.
PETA's tactic of using the nude female body to attract attention has been grating people for a while, The F word responds:

Now I get that naked women attract attention, but I really don’t think that it’s because passersby give a shit about mistreated pregnant sows.

See, what PETA don’t seem to get is that society as a whole couldn’t really care less about women’s welfare, so showing women in exploitative or abusive situations to try and encourage us to care about animal welfare really isn’t a very effective strategy. In fact, their imagery is often very similar to that found in some genres of porn, hardly well known for encouraging the viewer to empathise with the women involved.
Naked women, even dead ones, are stock images in our media; what shocks is not the alluded to mistreatment of animals, but PETA’s complete disregard for women.

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adrants's picture

Indeed. Using a woman as an object as they are so bluntly doing here hardly advances anyone's cause.

Wendall's picture

Whoa whoa whoa...PETA is using Mother's Day as a metaphor for treating animals right. PETA no doubt also supports the protection of animals that commonly eat their own young. That's some prime mothering, PETA...wait a second, no it isn't! Oops, maybe you shouldn't have made the comparison, you frickin' toolboxes

alex's picture

Sigh. Anyway, has anyone noticed the resemblance between Noemie and Stacia, the 'interpretive dancer' from Hawkwind? Are they by any chance related?

kushwaha's picture

This one makes no sense. It's more a case of "Let's do something on Mother's Day -- anything for crying out loud." But then again, I guess so long as people talk about how utterly idiotic and less-related-than-anybody-cares this stunt is, I guess someone somewhere in PeTA is smiling.

malkie66's picture

This reminds me of those coffee tables made with naked babes in this position. More PORN than PETA.

AnonymousCoward's picture

They were somewhat right... This is how WE, humans, treat those animals... YES, IT IS SHOCKING! But this metaphor is far less shocking that the HORRIFIC reality in the mass producing food factories of today! You are shocked by this image? THAT'S GOOD!

komrad's picture

Thank you! finally somebody smart enough to realize what's really going on!!

Dabitch's picture


That's the sound of the point flying above your head. As stated above, neither the commentators nor the writer of the post (me) were shocked by the stunt. DO YOU LIKE ALL CAPS?

komrad's picture

The point has got across since time was taken to review and write about it!

AnonymousCoward's picture

You do realize by whining all you are doing is giving PETA even more attention which is what they are trying to do?

I'm not shocked at all either. It's only nudity ffs get over yourselves.

DA_Fahzha's picture

We don't call this organization "People Embarrassing The Tidewater Area" for nothing!

Whatever happened to that NC case in which you were accused of "euthanizing" dozens of puppies destined for "adoption" in Norfolk, but instead just put them in a dumpster in NC -dead of course?