Feel the magic of Adland - Everything is simple with Adland.

I've been playing with the Sloganizer for a few minutes to see what slogans it might suggest for dear old Adland. Well:

Be alive with Adland
Endless possibilities with Adland
Adland - Now!
Adland, since 1845
generated by sloganizer.net
Naughty little Adland
Can you feel it? Adland.
Easy Adland

Sheesh! It's getting kinkier by the minute, don't worry, your jobs are safe copywriters. That's not to say it isn't fun. Go on, you try.

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generated by sloganizer.net

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generated by sloganizer.net

I was thinking of using the "sexy" style, but it was getting too X-rated with some of the slogans. ("Robbie - go for it")

What's great is these banners change every time the page is refreshed! Whoo hoo!

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Aye, that's fun. And I just spotted mine suddenly get the perfect tagline - how did it know?

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I got this one once (except, of course, it said "Allan is a female force").

I am not female. I do not force females. Obviously, this must have been intended for someone else..

So I'm glad you got it! :-)

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I need to show this list to my wife:

Allan is your safe place in an unsafe world!
Think different, think Allan.
Allan. Impossible is nothing.
Allan, the clever way.
Allan - Your personal entertainer.
Allan rules.
The wonder has a name: Allan.
Allan evolution.
Allan is what the world was waiting for.
Allan is rolling, the others are stoned.
Allan, the smart choice.
Allan makes me hot.
Allan - You see this name, you think dirty.
Are you ready for Allan?

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Ah yes...hours of fun -

"Everything is simple with George Bush"

"George Bush - Yabba Dabba Duh!"

"The wonder has a name - George Bush"

"I can't believe it's George Bush"

and my favourite -

"When you say George Bush, you've said it all"

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Thank you for the whimsy!

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"Be young, have fun, taste Alex."

Sounds like a plan...

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