Interflora still advertising on bimbo-homophobic-hate-speech blog "Kissies" , since she apologized for threats

Welcome to Sweden, the land where bimbo-bloggers rule. I'm not sure why, but the dismal state in the quality of our journalists might have something to do with it. People here do not drink the sand because there is no water, they drink the sand because they do not know the difference. Act I - The Nazi-connection, and threats against journalists

Nyheter24 dug up a 4 year old filmclip where Kissie and her younger brother are out on the town putting up stickers for the political party National Socialist Front, a party that was officially dissolved in 2008 and had much in common with the Nazi party in Germany, including a wish to abolish democracy. ("Vote for us and you'll never have to vote again" should've been their line!) Nyheter24 posted the clip on their site with the headline "Kissie gives out NSF flyers!" and soon Kissie phoned up the editor Pascal Engman and threatened to send someone to kick his ass. In her trademarked anti-eloquent Kissie-speak it sounded like this:

You should shut the f*ck up and take my threats seriously and you will get your ass kicked tonight, you know it. Take this threat seriously dammit, if this article doesn't disappear so you will get such an asskicking, you little faggot.

- of course, it was in Swedish but if you want to hear it here you go, the full conversation was recorded. Kissie also made a blogpost about Pascal, calling him a faggot-maggot and telling people to kick his ass. This has since been removed. Pascal Engman responded by reporting her threats to the police. Nyheter24 have spent many pages following Kissie's life & blog, even reporting on her breast enlargement, as the saying goes, wrestle with pigs, it doesn't exactly elevate Nyheter24 to a news site to be taken any more seriously than say, The National Enquirer.

Act II - the media storm

Following the police-report, news spread fast and more serious publications sat up and took notice. Advertisers on Kissies blog suddenly realized that their cutesy ads were being displayed along bimbo-homophobic-hate-speech, and decided to pull their ads. News articles on this (in Swedish): Dagens Media: After the Nazi-threats, advertisers leave Kissies blog, Resume: Journalists reports Kissie to the police after threats. One would think that big brands Interflora, Netonnet, Kia Motors and even Ad:tech cared a little more about where their carefully crafted ad campaigns appear, but since they're all buying banner-stock via the likes of Tailsweep, Tradedoubler and Google they have no idea where they end up. But as this little storm got a lot of press, they all declared they were pulling their ads. Meanwhile Kissies blog only updated once, with the words "God dammit stupid reporters stop calling" in all caps. I suddenly found myself agreeing with Kissie, oh dearie me. Ignore her to fame-death, please.

Act III - the apology

Suddenly Kissie apologized, like a good politician on her blog. The google translated version gives you a good idea of what it actually said because as usual, Kissie can't spell for shit and her apology spends as much time blaming others for what happened as it uses regurgitated phrases in vogue in Sweden right now for political correctness-points. What it doesn't read like, is an honest apology. But this suddenly made it all OK again, because now we're reaching national tabloids, making both Kissie and Pascal at Nyheter24 a wee bit more famous. Aftonbladet reported on the apology, and the anti-racist media org Expo joined in announcing the joyous news. Resume responded that the apology was accepted by the brands advertising on her blog, and everything settled down again, before any of the aforementioned brands had time to figure out how to pull a campaign from a Tradedoubler network.... Close call guys! Go back to your Martini-lunches, no need to think today either.

Act IIII - fellow bloggers attack.

But is it over yet? Not by a longshot, fellow Swedish bloggers are now emailing all the advertisers that they will no longer buy their products as long as they keep advertising on Bimbo-hate blogs like Kissies. Jack Warner a.k.a @kwasbeb started it with an open letter to all of Kissies advertising sponsors on his own blog and a question posed to them on This is now being re-blogged like a rash, and is showing up in Ekuriren and various top-reblogged score-keeping sites.

I guess you have to pull yourselves away from those Martini-lunches dear brands, and have a think about where you place your ads, as some bloggers might pull in the viewers like people rubbernecking at a car-crash, but this still doesn't mean you really want your brand seen next to the dying kid underneath that Volvo.

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And in this whole post, not one link went straight to Kissies blog.

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I'm scared of cooties.

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Does she really think looking like that is good? She looks like Barbie, but not as realistic.