Goldieblox issues non-apology apology - WHO IS SURPRISED?

Goldieblox has posted the apology that they legally settled to do, instead of continuing into the court battle that Goldieblox started. It's a non-apology apology, hiding behind semantics, and its served as an image at the bottom of their website.

Instead of just saying a proper mea culpa, Goldieblox are digging their heels in, after a legal settlement, and are playing the victim in the form of the poor-tiny-company who - despite having lawyers and a having a braggable Stanford degree - just didn't realize that there might be an issue in just lifting someone elses intellectual property without asking for permission first. Just listen to their so called "apology":

We sincerely apologize for any negative impact our actions may have had on the Beastie Boys. We never intended to cast the band in a negative light and we regret putting them in a position to defend themselves when they had done nothing wrong.
As engineers and builders of intellectual property, we understand an artist’s desire to have his or her work treated with respect. We should have reached out to the band before using their music in the video.
We know this is only one of the many mistakes we’re bound to make as we grow our business. The great thing about mistakes is how much you can learn from them. As trying as this experience was, we have learned a valuable lesson. From now on, we will secure the proper rights and permissions in advance of any promotions, and we advise any other young company to do the same.

For those of you playing bad apology bingo at home, the first weasel word is "may", as in "our actions may have had". Apologies with qualifiers are not apologies.

And since they posted this apology as an image, instead of SEO juicy text, we figured we should help them along and spot it as SEO juicy link to Goldieblox, the people who do not want to apologize even after they have legally agreed to do so.

Also, we have to give Kidsleepy props for being absolutely right when he voted Goldieblox most likely to make a pitch-apology rather than a proper apology. Thanks for being brand consistent, Goldieblox. Us ad-folks really love clients like you, honestly.

P.S, this is also being debated all over the web. Metafilter is but one of these places.
The Hollywood reporter says that the case is dismissed with prejudice. Thanks to MusicTechPolicy for hosting the filing as a PDF. *

Musictechpolicy calls this more grace than Goldieblox deserves

* Before updating, we were linking the December filing. Fixed now.
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