Tramontina "Flavor of Songs" (2019) 4:55 . (Brazil)

 Pretty cool project, which is driven by an algorithm that can turn any song on Spotify platform into a different recipe. To put that into context, we are talking the possibility of generating 44 million recipes. This concept is based on the phenomenon synesthesia. For those who are unaware, synesthesia is where one sensory thing leads to a similar experience in a different sensory or cognitive pathway. Songs have colors, sounds have shapes, and the like.

The Flavor of Songs is the culmination of a six-month long study, where Tramontina – one of Brazil’s leading brands of cooking utensils—Spotify and J. Walter Thompson Brazil brought together neuroscientist Dr. Marcelo Costa, Head of the Neuroscience Department at the University of São Paulo, conductor João Rocha from the University of Kentucky, and Renato Carioni, chef and coach of team Brazil in the Bocuse D'or, to give flavor to songs and create a dish for each of them. "If you consider a samba school with its various instruments, that really dense part in terms of sound, you can relate that to dense food," explains Rocha. 

Next, chef Carioni classified the culinary ingredients by assigning notes to them. Bitter = minor key, etc. For example, Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, for example, became a foie gras terrine with salmon caviar and cold barley.

I love this idea, and love that a 100-year-old cookware brand is appealing to a younger/newer generation of tech-savvy users. And yet, all of the tech is happening on the back end, so to speak, so the barrier of entry is low.

The campaign is featured on Spotify, via display banners and audio spots. There is also a website which gives not only the gastronomic match for each song, but also the ingredients, the cookware and the entire recipe, divided in simple and clear steps, 

Cool idea. Being the music geek that I am, I'd be making playlists based on ingredients. Surprised they didn't partner with a new artist to release a new song with new "ingredients." Seemed like a nice way to get even more reach.


Creative Agency: J. Walter Thompson Brasil

Client: Tramontina

Title: Flavor of Songs

CEO/CCO: Ricardo John

ECD: Cassio Moron e Rodrigo Da Matta

Copywriters: Rodrigo Da Matta, Kiko Borger, Heinz Boesing

Art Directors: Gustavo Rates, João Mendes, Marcus Prado, Cristiano Schein

Designers: Gustavo Rates, João Mendes, Marcus Prado

Creative Technologist e Creative Data: Sergio Costa e Tom Corral

Editing: Marcus Prado

Motion: Marcus Prado

Head of Production: Maisa Delgado

RTV: Carolina Pivato

Digital Producer: Sergio Costa e Tom Corral

Photographer: Régis Fernandez

Head of Client Services: Felipe Giacon

Operations Director: Thiago Segundo

Executive Director: Renata Dall Onder

Account Management: Fabricio Soares, Ricardo Montezuma, Rochele Pahs

Media: Giovana Venturelli, Maria Fernanda Galetti, Carolina Lopes, Ana Paula Rotta, Nathalia Silva, Luisa Maia

Planning: Stella Pirani, Marcus Pesavento

Client Approval: Darci Friebel, Rosane Fantinelli, Joice Patzlaff e Josiane Lamera Toazzi

Technology Producer: Casion

PR: Andrea Assef, Vivian Zeni, Livia Martins, Jessica Hartley

Extra Credits: Chef Renato Carioni, Maestro João Carlos Rocha, Doutor Marcelo Fernandes da Costa


Production: Landia

Director: Aline Lata

Executive Production: Carol Dantas, Sebastian Hall

Assist Executive Production: Larissa Delfini

Head of Production: Camilla Bastos

Photography direction: Erico Toscano

Production: Natalia Petrechen

Editor: Wellington

Post-production coordinators: Elton Bronzeli, Rafael Malavazzi

Post-production/Finishing: Landia, M&A

Color Grading: Marla Colour Grading


Production: A9 Audio

Soundtrack: Apollo 9 e equipe A9

Account Management: Renata Schincariol e Guta Lima

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This is so strange and excellent. How does one come up with ideas like this?