Advertising Rules!

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Crazy People

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How to Get Ahead In Advertising

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After the release of Withnail & I, British writer-director Bruce Robinson continued his satirical assault on British culture with this fiendishly funny rant, the title of which can be taken figuratively and literally as an object lesson in the art of consumer manipulation.

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Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

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Cary Grant stars as an advertising executive who dreams of getting out of the city and building a perfect home in the country, only to find the transition fraught with problems.

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What Women Want

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After an accident a chauvenistic executive gains the ability to hear what women are really thinking. Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 01/25/2005 Starring: Mel Gibson Marisa Tomei Run time: 126 minutes Rating: Pg13 Director: Nancy Meyers

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Putney Swope

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If you're looking for a movie that shocked the filmgoing public with its outspoken take on race relations in corporate America circa 1969, look no further than this Robert Downey debut effort. Made on a shoestring in black and white, this film begins with a wonderful moment of racial discomfort.

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Eddie Murphy makes a graceless debut as a romantic lead in this comedy from Reginald Hudlin. Murphy stars as a ladies man for whom the tables turn when he suddenly finds himself taken for granted by a lover (Robin Givens).

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Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite

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How to catch the Big Idea: The Strategies of the Top-Creatives

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Great and successful advertising ideas do not come about just by chance; they result from a professionally managed creative process. That is the reason why top creative agencies and clients can repeatedly come up with great ideas. This book shows what these creative experts have in common.

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Sex in Advertising (Best Ads)

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