Masterpass "#ThankTheFans" (2017) :30 (USA)

Mastercard's Matserpass wants to think the rockers and dance-offers and nine-to-fivers, and early risers who love music. And for one dollar you can get a whole bunch of stuff while the Grammys aired. That special offer even included a chance to go to next year's Grammys.

Stouffer's  "Late Shift," (2017) :30 (USA)

Steve and his wife work late hours in the ER in L.A.. She works night shifts and he works day shifts. When she gets home she helps take care of her daughter. And dinner is that one moment when all of them are in the same room and can bond together.

StarKist "Action Candace" (2017) :15 (USA)

Two minutes before she's needed on set? Uh-oh. Looks like Candace Cameron Bure won't have time to eat. You'd think when people film stuff there'd be a place where you could get food. Like craft services or something. Never mind.

Starkist "Making lunches" (2017) :15 (USA)

Candace Cameron Bure is a Busy Mom™ and this short spot for Starkist Tuna spent its money on animation, so Candace's kid's head is cut off so you don't have to pay residuals to him. Never mind that! They're busy.