TP-LINK "Bedroom" (2016) :30 (USA)

Here in this spot, a couple's going to get hot and heavy to the sensuous sounds of elevator music. But the song keeps buffering, so the creepy internet dude is going to move their modem around and then eat a bag of popcorn while they gat back to doing the deed.

adidas "Y3 Fall/Winter 2016" (2016) 1:50 (USA)

Sound of glitches and glitchy typefaces and very cool clothes abound. Morose models in minimalist clothing stumble upon a former site of a rave, run through strangely lit underground passageways and emerge into the harsh light of reality only to get chased by a helicopter.

PSA - #SaveaLifeHack (2016) :30 (Canada)

“Most people are aware that distracted driving is dangerous,” notes Angus Tucker, ECD at john st., the agency behind the campaign. “But the temptation to check our phones is so strong, especially when we hear a notification come through, it can outweigh the danger.”