Adland 5 good reasons to LOVE or LOATHE digital Marketing

David Jones brings us another Adland cartoon. Dibs on the designery glasses!


The 50 best commercial parodies of all time according to Nerve (Non US IP version)

Folks that have US IP numbers or feel like being clever proxy surfers may head straight to the Nerve.com list of "The 50 best commercial parodies of all time".


The Economist new campaign - bringing back the visual.

AMV BBDO London has launched a new branding campaign for the economist, and with it they bring back the visual. And not just any visual,s they've gotten a hold of Paul Davis, Anthony Burrill and Design team Non Format (who did the "Balance" ad you see here) to lend a hand.

I love it, especially the "Balance" poster, my fave.


Spice adult Mobile Phone downloads - Handshake - (2008) 1:11 (Philippines)

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Agency - DM9JaymeSyfu, Manila
Merlee Jayme - Creative Director
Eugene Demata - Creative Director
Louie Sotto - Creative Director
Biba Cabuquit - Copywriter
Steve Vesagas - Producer
Prod. Co.- Hit Productions
Glenn Mariano - Sound Engineer
Marj Aznar - Account Director


Link Lust: Nazi Citroën ad?

Welcometowallyword adgrunt reckons Citroën unmistakeably German Nazi ad is a total lemon.


CAR Magazine - Anthem - (2008) :60 (South Africa)

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Agency : Ogilvy Cape Town

Chris Gotz (Creative Director)
Gordon Ray (Creative Director)
Sanjiv Mistry (Copywriter)
Johnine Hughes (Agency Producer)
Prod. Co. : Big Leap Music and Post


Perth Zoo - Find your animal - Black Hat, Silvery Gibbon, Otter, Frill, Penguin, Cotton top

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The Brand agency, Perth
Craig Buchanan & Dale Simmonds (Creative Director)
Josh Edge (Art Director)
Kurt Beaudoin (Copywriter)
Director: Ralph van Dijk
Prod. Co.: eardrum/plush

Apparently, I'm a penguin. Fuck off.


But what I really want to do is direct.

You know the old saying, the grass is always greener on the other other side of the fence?
Well, when you don't work in advertising, the other side is an ad agency. And when you do work in advertising, the other side is Hollywood. Now all you frustrated copywriters can get a chance to create your own FOX sit-com!

The New York Television Festival (NYTVF) has partnered with FOX to create a Comedy Script Contest.


Amnesty International breaks 1st of 4 animated films against China's human rights abuses

With 100 days to go until the Beijing Olympics, Amnesty International today launched the first in a series of four hard-hitting animated films highlighting human rights abuses linked to the Chinese authorities' hosting of the Games, in particular the risks of peacefully protesting in China.

Amnesty is campaigning for Ye Guozhu, imprisoned and reportedly tortured with electro-shock batons after he protested at forced evictions in Beijing. Ye Guozhu's home and family restaurant had been bulldozed to make way for Olympics construction.

"Amnesty is not against the Games but we want people to know what else is happening in China - including the silencing of critics and peaceful protesters - and to join our campaign for urgent human rights reform," said Tim Hancock, UK campaigns director. "People who speak out about human rights in China are being persecuted and locked up ahead of the Olympics. Torture is commonplace. Right now we're demanding the release of Ye Guozhu, who was arrested and tortured just for protesting when his home was bulldozed to make way for Olympics venues. The Chinese authorities promised when bidding for the Olympics that hosting the Games would improve human rights. Rather than honour these promises, the government has cracked down on dissent more rigorously than before."


Link Lust: Summer Link

Comedian Mo Rocca brings banking to the people in a series of exclusive web videos that feature "Mo on Banking" for Bank of America. Known for his unique "man on the street" interviews, Mo is out and about in New York City, finding out how others handle their finances. Check out the videos and more about Mo Rocca's crusade for banking at: bankofamerica.com/mobanking.

The folks at ideasonideas talk with Kevin Saatchi of Saatchi & Saatchi. In the article he talks candidly about the threat that traditional agencies are facing as well as the overall change the industry is seeing. Read about it here.

Don't miss out. One Show Festival Week kicks off next week - May 5-9 in New York City. Learn more about the week's events here and here. Don't miss the One Show Design award ceremony on Tuesday, May 6, the One Show Awards on Wednesday, May 7 and the Interactive One Show awards on Friday, May 9th.

Porn filmed in Japanese McDonald's? I'm rubbin' it! See some crazy Nippon McDonald's ads or I'd Hit It and sexy burger ads frrom the US. Maybe they were just following the lead set by these ads...

The Chicago Tribune reports that Red Bull has been suing nightclubs for not serving their brand when someone orders a Red Bull and vodka drink. The mystery-shopper tactics and lawsuits show the lengths to which popular consumer brands will go to protect their trademarks.

The folks at Cake Group have just put the finishing touches to Pro Plus' new interactive site, www.dont-miss-out.co.uk.

Users get a chance to win tickets to V Festival 2008. The site uses interactive games, similar to Guitar Hero, to test the focus and concentration of it's players. The site itself is very colourful, bright and keeping with the feel of festival and hopes to push Pro Plus' brand image towards something younger and cooler. The campaign is to last just over 6 weeks and in that time hopes to significantly raise brand and product awareness amongst the 18 - 30 demographic.