Acura TSX campaign overuses the word Luxury.

Careful kids, you might wear that word out.

Now for the press release:

A fully integrated national advertising campaign for the all-new Acura TSX began on April 20. The strategy for the campaign developed by Acura and RPA, a leading independent advertising agency based on the West Coast, is to build excitement for the launch of the all-new Acura TSX by accentuating the vehicle’s sophisticated look and exhilarating performance, thus demonstrating “A New Generation Has Arrived.”

The campaign’s unifying theme, “A New Generation Has Arrived,” celebrates not only the launch of the TSX, but a new generation of young, up-and-coming luxury consumers as well. Generation Y is made up of smart and successful men and women who are looking for a modern take on luxury that reflects their own personal outlook on life. The Acura TSX creative showcases a bold, confident attitude that captures the “Acura. Advance” approach to technology, luxury and performance.

“The creative makes clear that the TSX and its technologies are an integral part of young urban professional’s lives. The vehicle doesn’t represent conventional luxury—rather a new kind of luxury for this ‘in-the-know,’ ambitious and sophisticated consumer,” said Susie Rossick, Acura advertising manager.

Television, directed by Joe Pytka, a prolific commercial director and three-time nominee for DGA’s Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials, captures the spirit and energy of a night on the town in “Howl” (:30, :15) and “i-VTEC Luxury” (:60, :30, :15).

“The idea for these spots was not based on a linear storyline per se, but was more about young guys owning the night, and a new car they might own it in. In our minds, it was a series of amazing locations and moments that would add up to this aspirational dream sequence, and Joe Pytka seemed like the perfect person to bring that dream sequence to life,” said Mark Erwin, SVP, creative director at RPA. “It wasn’t a special effect we were looking for, it was an emotional effect. We sought to bring more humanity to the Acura brand, and these spots do just that.”

Spots will air on network and cable programming, including the NBA playoffs. “Howl” will run on movie-theater screens across the nation through Memorial Day. The print ads, highlighting new

Acura technologies that include AcuraLink® real-time weather and dynamic Traffic Re-routing®, will appear in more than 30 magazines, from broad-reach publications such as Wired, Rolling Stone and Sports Illustrated to targeted publications like Dwell, Paper and Paste. Outdoor ads will be showcased in six markets, and will be supplemented with phone kiosks in New York City, New York.

Innovative tactics will support the campaign:

· TNT Microseries: BLANK SLATE and Acura are teaming up on a new crime-thriller microseries premiering across TNT video platforms. The product integration features lead characters relying on advanced Acura TSX and RL technologies and will include cross- custom marketing and promotion support.
· Gen Art: Continuing its partnerships with Gen Art, the leading arts and entertainment organization dedicated to showcasing the best in emerging talent, the TSX will be showcased at various events in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.


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That's really luxurious. Shame the people in the print work look like they've been pasted in from an image library search for 'wealthy+young+diversity'.

adlib's picture

Kinda drab.

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Old luxury is getting into the office and staying until the best idea rises to the top of the pile. New luxury says add some stock photography and the artist's impression of the car and we're done.

Or is that jealousy?

Actually, it also reminds me of that M&S ads-by-numbers approach (the this isn't just food, this is M&S food). I dunno, it's got that smug feel and that turns me off it.

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