Ad creep makes its way to parked bicycles

In Hawaii, Mark Bell is using parked bicycles as a new advertising media. For $125 per month, you can have an ad attached to the front of a Schwinn "Stingray" bicycles, some of which are locked onto city bike racks.

"This gives the average guy with an idea or a product or a service the opportunity to be able to say what he wants to say on a little 8.5 by 11 ad attached to a very cool bike on the street where the people are," Bell said.

The bike ads are causing some chatter on the island as there is question if these ads violate Hawaii's anti-billboard laws.

"Inappropriate ads clutter the environment and they lower the quality of life for everybody in Hawaii," said Bob Loy of the Outdoor Circle."It's vehicle advertising, which was prohibited by the state legislature last year. Bicycles are vehicles. That's a bicycle, its sole purpose is for advertising," Loy said.
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