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Ad that reads: Hypocrisy killed 1000 times more than 9/11 as reply to DDB WWF ad

In response to the DDB Brazil 911 Tsunami ad kerfluffle and DDB commercial for WWF 911, Truth Machine TM thought they were really clever when they did this.

"Hypocrisy killed 1000 times more than 9/11. It was just advertising. Don't make war about it."

That's nice dear. So you guys have nice jobs in an industry whose tools you now admitted to the world that you don't believe in. Maybe you should try golf or something.

Whenever I hear "It's only advertising I get a little cranky. Sure, we ain't curing cancer here, but advertising actually works. You can't have it both ways, "it's only ads" with a "meh" thrown in for good measure and "totally hire me for this awesome idea that will change the worlds perception of your brand". Like we usually tell clients who jam three points to communicate into every proposition: pick one.

Agency: Truth Machine TM

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