Altoids - the curiously chocolaty mint?

My my! Altoids are soon available in a limited edition flavours of chocolate mint! I hope they don't burn holes in hotel pillows.
But they haven't hit the shops yet - and won't in months according to our tipster, so Altoids are selling some packages on eBay. Or as our tipster named Altoids Chocolate (curiouslychocolate @ says: "We're selling a pack of our new items on eBay with the proceeds all going to the American Red Cross. Really cool promo and for a very good cause." Meh, I'll pass and wait for them to hit the shops.

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Chocolate mint is a classic combination. Chocolate cinnamon is OK. But chocolate ginger? I hope that tin comes with a barf bag!

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Great promotion
This kind of promotions are so suitable for sneaker brands, too.

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Chocolate + ginger is pretty common. Certainly there's no shortage of chocolate-covered ginger chunks in Britain. Not that I'm a big fan, but there must be a lot of choccy-gingey-lovers out there.