Clorox ads get more conceptual

Back in June I had come across an unusual ad for kitty litter. And this week, I found another from the campaign as well as some other untypical ads for other Clorox products. I wonder if they have a new ad manager or something. Read more to see the ads

Scoop Away / 1/2 page for Clorox Toilet Brush / Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner

Ad agency: DDB San Francisco

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A CW friend of mine from school works there under CD Lisa Bennet.

She worked on those Heinz TV spots circa 2001.

They are definitely parity heavy, but she demands good creative.

As far as I know, Lisa has been there since 2002.

Why is the woman so annoyed? A CHIP in the shower is a fantasy of mine.

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thanks for the dirt. :)

I'm somewhat impressed by the fact they didn't have to stick a logo down on the bottom of the ad or anything.

I think I'd be annoyed if I got a ticket for cleaning my bathroom. Maybe that's why. It is a bit odd though, if you start thinking too hard about it. But it's Friday so I'll avoid all that. Pint anyone? ;)

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Maybe she's annoyd because it's the wrong CHIP in the shower. ;)
But hell yeah, I know what you mean - I'll take them blond or brunette thanks, or both. ;)

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*tries to scrub away that mental image of watermelon connected to clumping kitty litter* Gaaah. That was icky. I had watermelon for lunch today. I feel dirty now.

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I posted a comment back in June when the other kitty litter ad showed up. Anyway, I'm a CW here at DDB SF. And yes, Lisa Bennett, is our Chief Creative Officer. She's really been trying to shake up the household category. So far, so good. Hopefully, the good ads will continue. And hopefully, some of them will be from me! Cheers.

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The ollllld "this works so fast you'll get a speeding ticket" device. Ouch. A little cringeworthy.

The other two are kind of weird tangents, but hey - at least they aren't the same old same old for the category...

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