Degree ads go ambient

While walking around last week I came upon some ads for Degree deodorant aimed at guys. It isn't directly a part of their InAction Heros campaign that has been running since the Super Bowl. Although it does use the same tagline "For men who take risks".

What I found even more strange about the ads were their placement. These posters were stuck to the bottoms of street light posts (read more to see image). Strange kind of guerilla marketing, if that's what it is. Typically you'd think guerilla marketing wouldn't be just a plain, old regular advertisement. Other than the placement, these really aren't very guerilla.

I couldn't find any information if this was bought media or not. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it was.

Both of these ads were on the same corner, but on different posts. They were coming unstuck so I had to hold up the corners to get the pictures. From their conditions it's hard to say how long they have been up for.

And yes, I got some odd looks from passersby. ;)


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What I found even more strange about the ads were their placement. These posters were stuck to the bottoms of street light posts

The placement of the ads are indeed strange, but they got my attention. I quickly noticed the ad in the above photo. It could be the blue on black that attracted my eyes, or it could be something else.

As I walked along the street yesterday, I came across a similarly designed street post. I paused to looked down at the base of the post to see if there was an ad placed there. There was no ad there, but I expected to see an ad at the base of that street post.

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Is that paid media space or are Degree sticking the city with the bill for cleaning that shit up, just like Sony and BMG marketing execs did to Camden?

"Guerilla" and ambient ads from big brands done like this (where it seems they simply used guesrilla/ambient space for the same old campaign they could have run a designated advertising space poster area) tends to really piss me off. It's one thing if the local penniless used stuff market, or the owner of a lost cat use these areas to advertise and get our attention, it's quite another when Degree, a Unilever product, starts littering our cities with more advertising noise. It's not like they don't have the money to advertise on actual advertising space which we already have enough of thankyouveryfuckingmuch.

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