Hell hath no fury ... Part two!

Janesrevenge consists of buying big billboards to expose her cheating husband, and a little myspace page to tell the story.

TV crews and newspapers noted the billboard and
ICBirmingham wrote

The woman was said to have sought the advice of BRMB radio presenters Caroline Martin and Elliott Webb before dedicating the giant ad to her husband "Mark" and his lover "Shelley", one of her best friends.
Now it will be seen by thousands of drivers and passers-by on an advertising hoarding at Upper Dean Street in Birmingham city centre.
The radio station, which in the past has been linked to highly-publicised stunts, insisted that this was a genuine issue from a real listener.

Is it though? Isn't it a wee teeny weeny bit similar to the woman in the states - thatgirlemily - who bought a billboard to tell her husband she knew he was cheating, and that turned out to be a viral for some TV show? See Hell Hath no Fury like a media-woman scorned July 18 2006.

Emily made it all the way to Snopes pages - but so far I can only find random forum messages about Janesrevenge. Like researcher says, "it's probably too good to be true". Did Jane get her idea from the fictitious Emily, or is Jane also fictitious - and if so what on earth is she selling?

Adgrunts, start digging! So far all I found is mentions og Jane in the following forums: Salon Geek, atomic systems, gumball 3000 and of course BRMB FM's own page on Jane.


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I wouldn't be at all surprised if they were for the same thing. Does the UK get Court TV?

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Wasn't it Parco P.I. ? ANyway, this has ended up in a norweigan tabloid verdens gang and The Daily Mail and the Sun as well.

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Oh right, was a Bravo show...