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Humanitarian Lion - press SPEC

Remember that humanitarian lion idea that showed up on youtube in May? Yeah, it had slipped my mind too, anyway the guys behind it tried making some ads for it.



When they sent me the first one, which was basically a badge pointing to the youtube film again, I responded "Oh you know that'll you'll have to do better than that. I'll be happy to publish it when you do." so here's their second shot at an ad advertising the Humanitarian Lion. They explain: "we created this ad to communicate people about our website. Our idea is to collect the most signatures and companies support we can, to convince Cannes Festival. Thank you"

Credits: none. It's all cloak and dagger here.



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Just for fun, here's the first one they sent.

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I took a look at the site. They've got about 150 or so signatures. Of which about 10 are [probably] real.

Can't they realise that people make ads for good causes all the time, often for free? If it's a great idea it might well win at Cannes, regardless of whether there's an humanitarian category or not.

Anyway, enough of the rant. I think this should win the first award: The Brown Corp

Neaner's picture

All I want to know is who are these guys and is there not one copywriter among them?

Neo's picture

It's a dumb idea to begin with. Give it up guys. You're just trying to make yourselves feel better for working in advertising. If you can't deal with being an arse that sells shit for a living, go create art or work for a humanitarian org. The pay isn't as good by the way.

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I got two paragraphs in and realised that it's my job to use my brilliant mind to create a solution to a world problem: how to sell more crap to people who don't want to buy it.

I like to do the pro bono work, but don't make it a condition for winning an award for scams. Sorry, I mean 'at Cannes'. My typing just ain't what it used to be.