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Jaison Greene / Urban Detox - ads on toilet paper.

We told you about Star Toilet Paper, in "Just what you've always wanted: ads to wipe your bum with". Seems this client and that ad-media is a match made in a seedy stall somewhere. The creatives explain:

"The Detox Authority, Jaison Greene, is here to whip your shit into shape--literally."

Wait, what? No he's not. Not literally, unless his job is toi actually take a cat o' nine tails to a pile of my fecal matter. I'm so grossed out now, I don't even.

Jaison Greene is the Detox Authority of New York City, the problem was nobody knew him. So we decided to make an introduction when people would need it most; while on a public toilet regretting their New Year’s Eve bender.

Ha! Well that makes more sense. The terrible foods and too much alcohol consumption while out on a party-town will most likely create a bunch of people ripe for the message.

We placed branded Detox Authority toilet paper around NYC to make people aware of his expertise. Each roll has printed pointers to help poopers analyze and diagnose their turd babies ultimately encouraging them to cleanse from the inside out.

Gais, gais, you're grossing me out again, Turd babies? Stop it.

Clever use of media & idea for such a small local client, that's nice. Amazing amount of ADs&CWs on it. Someone get them a bigger client.

Client: Detox Authority
CD: Zac Sax
AD: Patrick Regan
AD: David Nguyen
AD: Suso Reig
AD: Charli Hoffmann
CW: Alex Otis
CW: Bob Tallman

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