Jeep parks on the wall of Penn Plaza

Nissan isn't the only car brand to create some buzz with crazy ad-installations. Jeep caught everyones eye when it scaled up the side of Penn Plaza and parked at the top where a sign exclaimed "Jeep Parking only". Onlookers gawked as the Jeep scaled the entire 30-story skyscraper. You can view a video of the climb at (wmv file here).

Naturally the Jeep had a little help, even the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee can't really scale tall buildings. The car was fixed to a sled and a steel cable and the whole plot was pulled up by a crane. The effect was still quite impressive. Jeep marketing vice-president Jeff Bell explains: "We wanted to make an impossible-to-miss statement..." They succeded.

Hat tip to Claymore.

Client: Jeep

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Nice one! Wish I had seen it 'drive' up the wall, very eyecatching idea.

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I wish they had an alternative to the windows media, that dodgy format keeps freezing and blipping out on me. (Image/sound drops).

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I wish they wouldn't have had Johhny Q. Marketing there turning it into a circus side show act with his bullhorn & buzzwords.

"Hey everybody, if you didn't notice the Jeep on the side of the building & big-ass parking sign, watch my finger while I point at it. Can everyone hear me in the back?"

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Hahaha.. Bullseye!

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