McDonald's Big 'n' Juicy Burger "Giant napkin" poster

More giant stuff from McDonalds and DDB in Stockholm, Sweden. This time they turned a poster into a giant napkin dispenser - with real napkins inside. I wonder how long it lasted, I bet homeless people used the napkins as bed linen.

See also: Mcdonald's - Extra large coffee - Sweden press and the McDonald's Big 'n' Juicy Burger "Giant napkin" double page spread.

Andreas Dahlqvist - Executive Creative Director
Johan Holmström - Creative Director
Ted Harry Mellström - Creative
Simon Higby - Creative
Martin Lundgren - Creative
Joachim Levin - Agency Producer
Lars Friberg - Account manager
Anna Hellenberg - Agency Producer

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Are those napkins made of actual napkin material? If so, that might be a world record of some sort.

Dabitch's picture

Yes, real serviettes = napkin paper. I suspect world record too.

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If they really are making a campaign of this, they could break all sorts of fast-food related "big things" records. Biggest straw, biggest packet of ketchup, biggest fry, etc. Probably worth it for the publicity they'd get.

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