Merry Yule all, I can throw a ball seven feet!

As you probably know I'm one of those seven feet tall blond chicks from the northern land*. Or, not. Hehe. (I tried! I fulfill the whole northern scandi exotic thing, I'm just not very tall....Drats. That joke was better with fewer words..)
Our first little jule-log is his little game set out when Publicis started to pretend they could sing, and then Shasta did us one better, and showed us when that, ruled the world. Then again Office olympics might be it... MR Hardcore. ;

The site was initially
conceived as a way to spread the holiday spirit in the office environment without the complications that arise from throwing snow.
Visitors are introduced to the new "spirit spreading" concept-using paper wads instead of snowballs-and are encouraged to contribute to
the site, staging their own "engagements" and uploading their short movies via digital camera or video cell phone. Furthermore, visitors
to the site can view submitted movies, vote for their favorite clips and invite others to do the same. not really..... working....

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Site is hilarious, definite potential to be big. Reminds me of 'office space'. The bottom-center paperwad video is the best. Also love the army crawl. Site worked fine for me. Kudos.

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I thought it sucked all the way through. Very unfunny. It's not like it was Office Olympics or anything. To top it all off, the films were shoddy quality.

AnonymousCoward's picture runs good for me. better than singing heads.