More youtube copyright troubles

So how do you get your copyrighted works off youtube? There's the US Network Fox tactic - to cease and desist letters to those who link to copyrighted FOX work on youtube - or you can try writing an open letter to youtube demanding a change in the clearly flawed system.
A group of companies in Japan, and the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC), has sent a letter to youtube asking youtube to come up with a better system, where youtube searches for and removes copyrighted material rather than making rights holders find it and send in complaints.

"Taking into account the current status of your service, we believe that your company should not just wait for rights owners to take the 'Notice and Take down' procedures but should bear the responsibility to prevent, in advance, copyright infringements such as illegal uploads and distributions, or to avoid those infringements,"

The letter is signed by JASRAC and 22 other organisations including the Motion Picture Producers' Association of Japan, the Japan Video Software Association, the Association of Japanese Animations, all of the major commercial TV broadcasters, the Japan Satellite Broadcasting Association, the Recording Industry Association of Japan and Yahoo Japan. Read more at PCadvisor UK: "Youtube faces trouble in Japan".
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Save money on lawyers. Have YouTube or Fox or whoever offer one free iTunes song download for each video that they originally uploaded and knew was infringing. Basically, pay them to unload all the illeagl content.

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(Sorry, meant offer each person who originally uploaded infringing material the amnesty deal)

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How would that help?

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Call for better YouTube copyright system

YouTube has been negotiating with leading copyright holders and reached agreement with several letting the Web site post copyright music videos and other content in exchange for sharing ad revenue.

The company agreed to deploy an audio-signature technology that can spot a low-quality copy of a licensed clip. YouTube would have to substitute an approved version or remove the material automatically.

YouTube has licensing deals with CBS Corp. and three major recording companies: Warner Music Group Corp., Vivendi SA's Universal Music Group and Sony BMG Music Entertainment, which is a joint venture between Sony Corp. and Bertelsmann AG.

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